3 Reasons Why Women Entrepreneurs Will Make 2018 Better

2017 can easily be remembered as the year sexual predators were held responsible for their actions. There seemed to be a new allegation coming out every day. This not so shocking realization served as a reminder that women still have a long way to go in obtaining equal rights in the workplace.

Recently, Liz Elting, Founder and CEO of Transperfect shared with Forbes why it was necessary for women to take on more entrepreneurship roles and the steps needed to accomplish this goal.

Why Women Entrepreneurs Are Needed

It Creates Safe Workspaces

There is always discussion about “how to make sure women are welcome,” which begins with the assumption that the workplace is a specifically male space. By prioritizing women in recruitment and structuring the company’s benefits around meeting their needs, you can build a system which encourages women to participate rather than drives them out.

It Creates Economic Independence

Hiring bias is very much real, and it disproportionately works against women. Women are systematically cut out of the workforce at a much greater rate than men for a wide variety of reasons. Women-owned businesses have the unique opportunity to provide economic stability, create advancement and mentorship opportunities, and narrow the pay gap for women as a whole.

It Creates a New Generation of Women Leaders

Enterprise is a form of power; it is the creation of independent sources of income and influence, which are the strongest currency in the world. In other words, you aren’t simply creating one women-owned business; you’re potentially creating dozens.

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