4 Free Apps for DIY Graphics That Look Totally Pro

Stunning and aesthetically pleasing designs and graphics always see better results on your social media. We rounded up the top DIY graphics apps, these apps will add some sizzle to your mundane photos and escalate your followers’ counter.These apps will also allow your creative side to display its imagination. OverYour social media photo game isn’t perfect […]

Here Are 3 Apps To Step Up Your Social Media Engagement

Social media has impacted our lives both personally and when it comes to raising your awareness about your business or brand.With a whopping 600 million users on Instagram, another 1.68 billion on Facebook, and 319 million on Twitter many people are using social media to their advantage either for their business or own personal life. […]

How To Talk To Anti-Cannabis Believers

One of the most challenging aspects to cannabis advocacy can be how to talk to anti-cannabis believers. Every cannabis advocate has their own story of how they came to believe that cannabis was a powerful medication for wellness. I didn’t try cannabis until I was 30 years old, after having had my two daughters and […]

8 Cannabis Brands That Are Working It On Social Media

Everyone has been a victim of hanging upside down, off the edge of our beds, high AF! On the most usual occasion we marry this act with scrolling through Instagram after puffing on the finest cannabis around. So in the sake of scrolling, here are the 8 coolest brands that will make your experience that much […]

4 Photo Editing Apps for The Perfect Instagram Shot

Instagram has quickly become a force to be reckoned with adding live video and Snapchat-esque features. While the platform moves to dominate video, it’s also going back to its roots, adding an image gallery, allowing you to enhance your brand storytelling. When it comes to visuals, you must have strong images. Here are four apps that […]

Nevada Cannabis Event Basics

Nevada cannabis event basics are important for all cannabis brands to be aware of. Nevada is arguably the most regulated cannabis market in the world, so common practices that have worked in other markets will get you on the wrong side of compliance here. For example: the common practice of “seshing” that happens in California, […]
Cannabis In Vegas Delivery Direct To You

Cannabis In Vegas Delivery Direct To You

Cannabis In Vegas delivery direct to you is the Amazon of marijuana. It doesn’t matter what dispensary or brand you prefer, Cannabis In Vegas offers discreet delivery or pick up directly from Nevada’s best dispensaries to you. The concept for Cannabis In Vegas came from the talented GreenRush team and our very own team, who […]

Meet the Unicorns: Roni Stetter Cannabis Queen

A Sacramento native, Roni Stetter learned at an early age the medicinal benefits of cannabis. Since age 10, Roni battled with chronic pain, and in high school,  discovered cannabis was the only medication that could help her be active and get around. After relocating to San Diego for college, Roni channeled her passion for the potent […]

The Power of The Unicorn

From a mystical land, unicorns have appeared in literature as symbols of hope and magic. That’s the spirit we place in all aspects of our work here at Social Media Unicorn. From creating and producing video to crafting campaigns to grow revenue, our team works with cannabis and luxury brands offering a magical suite of creative […]
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The State of The Nevada Cannabis Industry

The state of the Nevada cannabis industry is unique compared to all other cannabis markets in the United States today. As we head into the precipice of recreational adult use marijuana in the state of Nevada there are many fears that the sense of community we enjoy will fade into a thing of the past. […]

Every Cannabis CEO Needs to Know THIS About Social Media

Every cannabis CEO needs to know THIS about social media: it isn’t about social media. Apple Marketing Genius Guy Kawasaki said, “Today, social media is near the top of what determines your success or failure, whether you’re promoting a business, a product, or yourself.”I remember back in 2006 when I opened my first business I […]

What Parents Get Wrong About Marijuana

What parents get wrong about marijuana is the same as what they get wrong about children in general: they get it. Children will understand what you teach them. They are fully capable little humans who will understand all of those uncomfortable topics that you don’t want to talk to them about. My daughters have been […]
Cannabis In Canada

Cannabis In Canada: Becoming A Global Leader

The legalization of cannabis, either as a medicine or for recreational consumption, isn’t just a hot topic in the US. Other countries are facing the same demands from their populations: to legitimize and decriminalize cannabis. What has been interesting is the different approaches countries have taken in tackling this issue. Here in the US, the […]
Cannabis Documentary

The Best Cannabis Documentaries On Netflix Right Now

In the past, documentaries were those things you may see broadcasted on PBS or in an obscure ‘artsy’ local theater. Even then, a cannabis documentary likely wouldn’t have made it very far. With the advent of platforms like Netflix, we now have access to media that we traditionally would not be exposed to. Netflix has […]
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Despite Legalization, Anti-Cannabis Marketing Censorship Still In Full Effect

Despite marijuana legalization sweeping the nation, it seems anti-cannabis marketing remains in full effect. While more than half the states in the U.S. now allow medical cannabis, and a growing number of states are adopting full legalization, many companies fearful of a federal government crackdown, are censoring what we can share online about cannabis.  It seems […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Livestreaming For Business

From Periscope to Facebook and Instagram, livestreaming video is becoming more and more popular, particularly when marketing your new small business. Here are some quick tips to ensure you get the most bang for your broadcast. Social Media Unicorn Livestreaming Tips:Initiate Conversations With New ArrivalsWhen you first start your live broadcast, note it will take some […]
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Professional Photos of Marijuana: How Hard Can Weed Really Be?

Taking professional photos of marijuana can seem easy to outsiders who aren’t familiar with the detail that great marijuana photography requires. Many a wedding or food photographer has been taken down by a cultivation that overwhelms newbie photogs. As in all great photography, the devil is in the details and quality professional photos of marijuana […]

4 Social Media Trends Taking Off in 2017

Social MessagingFrom What’s App to Facebook Messenger, more brands that ever before are using online messaging to quickly connect with customers. Brands are now using messaging apps to communicate one-on-one with customers, which is completely changing the nature of customer service. These apps provide a faster and easier way for customers to get the assistance […]

5 Industries That Have Changed For The Better Thanks to Social Media

Social media is a conduit for change and has disrupted several industries from entertainment to education. Here is our list of 5 industries that have been impacted for the better thanks to social media. ActivismRegardless of your political stance, social media sites like Twitter and YouTube have given big voices from small communities, changing policy from […]
Selling Cannabis

5 Tricks To Selling Cannabis In An Evolving Marketplace

The cannabis industry continues to gain legitimacy across the country and with that, comes the challenges of integrating a formerly black market business into the legitimate economy. Obviously the traditional methods of selling cannabis products are far removed from the days of old. We now have dispensaries connecting consumers with an array of cannabis products. […]
Doobious Sources

Doobious Sources: Fake News, Stoners, & Why This Is The Movie You Need To Watch for 4/20

Doobious Sources is the award-winning debut feature film by Clif Lord. It is a stoner comedy that combines fake news, two bumbling stoners, and California cannabis culture. This wild ride follows a pair of weed-loving, freelance video journalists who have found themselves targeted by a mark they slandered in one of their exposes. The Reg […]

Interview With a Unicorn Talking Social Media with Krista Whitley!

Here’s an interview I did with Vishal Rose from #NotAGuru where we talked about about personal branding and social media for his book “Marketing for Misfits”. 

Nevada Cannabis Testing & Regulation for Investors

Cannabis cultivation, production, and dispensaries are all highly regulated through state mandated licensing. With less than 60 cultivations and productions in the entire state and 55 dispensaries currently open in the state of Nevada (as of March 2017) this highly regulated tourist friendly market serves over 25,000 state licensed medical marijuana patients, offers full medical […]
Cannabis Business

Promoting Your Cannabis Business: Best Strategies

It’s an age old problem applied to the burgeoning cannabis marketplace: you have a product, service or idea and you want people to know about it. We are in a digital age where consumers are making decisions on who to engage with through active conversations. We hear about 4 strategies for promoting a cannabis business; […]

How To Grow Your Business Quickly

It never occurred to me that all entrepreneurs weren’t wired for fast growth until I was standing at the podium accepting an award for creating Canada’s #9 fastest growing company. I had made it through my entrepreneurial career assuming everyone was running the same race day after day. It sincerely shocked me to be asked […]
Cannabis Content

Cannabis Content Marketing 101

We hear the term ‘content marketing’ a lot now but what is it exactly and what makes it different? In our industry, cannabis content marketing is designed to attract and retain an audience of prospective consumers. Instead of pitching your products or services in the traditional sense, you are sending truly relevant and useful content […]

Nevada Marijuana Week IS ALMOST HERE!

 In the cannabis industry, we have two annual events that we consider our “Superbowls”. In other words, these two events are the holy grail of weed holidays. The first is 4/20 for obvious reasons. The second is what’s known as Nevada Marijuana Week in November. If you’re already planning to attend or you happen to […]

Best Practices On Instagram

Instagram is a terrific avenue for brands to promote their products and attract new users. And it’s easy right? Well, not exactly. Ensuring success on Instagram is much more than simply throwing a new image up every few days. If your brand wants to stand out from the 500 million other accounts on the platform, […]

Generational Marijuana Marketing: Is it all about the Millennials?

According to the Pew Research Center 63% of Republican Millennials support the legalization of marijuana. Support for marijuana legalization is a largely generational story, with younger Americans on both sides of the aisle supporting legalization, while the older generations tend to be less likely to support marijuana legalization. Young adults have disproportionately driven the shift […]

Social Media Marketing Tips

Social media marketing changes daily. It is not uncommon for a platform to create a new tool that didn’t exist at 10AM and gains ground less than 24 hours later. Staying on top of social media marketing trends can be all consuming, but here are some simple tips to make your social media life easier. Start […]

Influence Marketing Tips

Clients are looking for Influence Marketing Tips and I give them a few that I know are universal for building a team of influencers Have a goal in mind The most common mistake of all businesses, especially those seeking influence marketing tips is the focus on tools and tricks rather than solid business goals. The […]

Social Media Unicorn Social Media Services

This last weekend as I was judging a pitch contest for startups at SXSW in Austin, Texas, it hit me just how unique Social Media Unicorn and our social media services are. As a concierge social media services agency we don’t just handle the creation of award-winning photo and video content or the management of […]

How Influencer Marketing Builds Your Business

There is currently a lot of buzz around the phrase “influencer marketing” and how it gets the best ROI (return on investment) from your marketing budget. Can you believe these reports? Yes, because it’s just a new name from business practices we been using for years.. updated for social media and internet marketing, and measured […]

Social Media Basics for Business

A lot of people think social media is a new way of marketing and connecting with people, but the reality is that social media has its’ origins in Compuserve back in 1969, followed by the first email being sent in 1971. Arguably mainstream social media began in 1995 with the launch of the first personal […]

4 Free Marketing Tips for New Entrepreneurs

My first business was created by cashing out every penny of my 401k fund and investing in myself out of consumer frustration. Not only did I not have a marketing plan, I didn’t do any market research and went with my gut. Yes, my trusted gut that had only ever worked for massive companies with […]

2015 Social Media Tech & Automation Tools

Our social media team has been having a great time discovering some social media tech tools that are sure to make your life easier. If you can’t afford to have a professional social media team creating content campaigns and monitoring your social media accounts 24/7, these are some tech tools that the pros use behind […]


It was mid March in Austin, Texas and as I went from SXSW event to SXSW party people were buzzing about the release of two new live streaming applications: Periscope and Meerkat. Ever the rebel, I instantly fell in love with Meerkat over “the man” of Periscope, which was owned by Twitter. I began following […]