LVMMA – Love Your Cannabis Community Event Recap

On the second Thursday of every month our team proudly hosts the Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Association’s Market Trends in Marijuana to educate, inspire, and connect our community. February’s Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Association’s (LVMMA) monthly mixer was all about ‘Loving Your Cannabis Community.’ The fun filled night was held at our North Las Vegas headquarters. Normally, our LVMMA events take place at Wayne Newton’s Casa de Shenandoah, and serve as an educational evening; including an expert panel and a Q&A portion. However, this month we decided to focus on the people and not the products incorporated in the cannabis community.

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3…2…1…ICYMI: How to Build Rocket ships

When Krista Whitley first took on the Las Vegas Chapter of Women Grow she had her work cut out for her.  However, if you have been around Krista you know there’s no problem too big for her to solve. Passionate about re-igniting a flame in Las Vegas, her mission as a Market Leader was to build a thriving community. Fast forward a year; here we are with Altitude Products very own CEO, Krista, speaking at the Woman Grow 2018 Leadership Summit. Krista and her Unicorns are now on a rocket ship gaining more and more altitude. Check out a recap of Krista’s Speech and learn how to build a rocket ship with her three secrets below.

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Confessions of a Doobie Sister

Before I became a unicorn, I dabbled briefly in the music industry. I was one half of the female rap duo, “The Doobie Sisters”. I can’t believe I’m even divulging this embarrassing information about myself, but here I am… typing away!

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Women Grow: Get Lit and Fit Recap

   We started off 2018 with a remarkable Women Grow event hosted by Social Media Unicorn. The magical night focused on professionals mingling and networking with the hopes of learning how to incorporate cannabis into a fitness routine.

   There was a great energy in the air as the gregarious crowd waited for the festivities to begin. The attendees enjoyed an open bar and delicious hors devours while meeting and greeting new and familiar faces. The head unicorn in charge, Krista Whitley also took to the floor and interacted with guests before moderating the event.

   Our three amazing guest speakers for the ‘Get Lit and Fit’ event were: Rebecca Perrick, Jessie Sutphin and Deuvall Dorsey. Each of these fitness enthusiasts shared their do’s and don’ts of marijuana consumption before, during, and after their workouts. The common thread between all three guests was their desire to remove the stigma of cannabis users. Guests of the event were also treated with a detailed discussion on the differences between Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

The next Women’s Grow event will take place on the 2nd Thursday of February.

Krista’s Weedsday Playlist

Krista Whitley, aka The Head Unicorn in Charge sat down with our friends over at to share some of her “Weedsday” playlist. These are songs that are great for a smoke session.

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4 Easy Ways to be Productive

The New Year is the perfect time to rectify bad habits. Holidays havoc has slowed and the typical schedule has resumed. Kick off your new year with these simple improvements! Read more

Vendor Appreciation Day at Jenny’s Dispensary

On December 16th, our team was on site at Jenny’s North Las Vegas location to show our appreciation for their dispensary team and their patients. We came armed with swag, information, and one goal: to educate consumers about Caviar Gold and their fantastic line of products that launched in November in Nevada.

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3 Reasons Why Women Entrepreneurs Will Make 2018 Better

2017 can easily be remembered as the year sexual predators were held responsible for their actions. There seemed to be a new allegation coming out every day. This not so shocking realization served as a reminder that women still have a long way to go in obtaining equal rights in the workplace.

Recently, Liz Elting, Founder and CEO of Transperfect shared with Forbes why it was necessary for women to take on more entrepreneurship roles and the steps needed to accomplish this goal. Read more

7 Essential Concepts for Entrepreneurs

Ready to turn that dream of running your own business into a reality? You’re not alone. Recently, nine members of the Young Entrepreneurs Council (YEC) shared vital concepts that define successful leaders in today’s progressively challenging business world.

So, before you quit your day job, make sure you have these essential concepts down to a science. Read more

A Message From Krista

Hi Unicorns,

Go where you are celebrated. I used to spend all my time trying to prove the folks wrong who criticize me, thinking it would make me better. Constructive criticism and feedback come from a place of love and authentic celebration of who you are. That’s why it’s important to get in where you fit in.

Learn to fall in love with life’s no’s. Every no is one no closer to the life changing yes. Rather than fighting the no, teach yourself to visualize that it is just one step closer to all of the bigger things you are meant to do. This one has been a rough lesson for me because I am impatient and I want it now, but I could not have the company and life I have today without all of those no’s.

Accept that people are imperfect. Lord, my friend, I fight this on the daily. Imperfections, mistakes, what the hell were you thinking, why can’t you just be what I want you to be- all that is a daily battle, but I try with my heart and soul to accept that the beauty of human beings is in their flaws. I want folks to accept me for all my fearless boldness and loud mouthed opinions, so that acceptance is something I strive for.

More than anything, know that you are appreciated. You are loved. Even in your darkest moments remember that it is darkest before the dawn and the good Lord is giving you great challenges because you are meant for great leadership.