4 Free Apps for DIY Graphics That Look Totally Pro

Stunning and aesthetically pleasing designs and graphics always see better results on your social media. We rounded up the top DIY graphics apps, these apps will add some sizzle to your mundane photos and escalate your followers’ counter.

These apps will also allow your creative side to display its imagination.


Your social media photo game isn’t perfect until you have the Over app on your device.  This app will turn your phone into a professional graphic designing studio and will surely evoke that waning right side of your brain.

Over is very easy to use and doesn’t create much hassle for beginners.

The app has features like adding text with a gazillion font and colors options, you can select the background and cut/paste the images.


Pixlr is a robust browser photo editor, for all your editing needs. Have full control over your images, including layers and effects.

This user friendly interface is like having a whole Photoshop software in your device, it has the usual text adding feature on photos along with certain effects, overlapping images, impressive borders etc.

The app is sure to give your photo a boost of liveliness offering full creative powers to its users. 



VSCO Cam has become  extremely popular because of its DSLR type effects. VSCO Cam has built in tool to edit certain aspects like brightness, contrast etc.

The app also has features like collage creation, templates, captivating borders,  overlays and text on image. Through VSCO cam you can save and download your edited image and can share directly on social media in-app.


Studio gives your photo just the right amount of touch and makes it look as if they’ve been edited by a professional.

Studio gives the option of many outlines to choose from. You can crop the image in layout, the app has fun stickers, striking and trendy word art, which you can place anywhere on the photo to create graphics. You can also adjust light, shape and filters.

“What Instagram Did For Photography, This App Will Do For Design,” Mashable said in an app review. 

Here Are 3 Apps To Step Up Your Social Media Engagement

Social media has impacted our lives both personally and when it comes to raising your awareness about your business or brand.

With a whopping 600 million users on Instagram, another 1.68 billion on Facebook, and 319 million on Twitter many people are using social media to their advantage either for their business or own personal life.   So if they can do it, why can’t you?

Here are three helpful apps to step up your social media game!



A call to action can help boost engagement. Turn your product pics into graphic masterpieces with Canva.

Created in 2009 out of Sydney, Australia the app has gained massive success thanks for its easy to use editing system and the fact that it’s FREE. Learn more on their website.  





Instafollow or it’s Twitter equivalent, UnfollowerStats, allows you to check when people follow and unfollow your social media accounts. This is optimal for businesses who want to familiarize themselves with what posts are and aren’t working with their demographic.


Google’s Currents is an app that helps the average joe keep up to date with the newest trends in what’s happening around the world. This app helps many social media influencers, especially journalists and political commentators, remain relevant when they post.

What’s your go-to app for engagement? 

How To Talk To Anti-Cannabis Believers

One of the most challenging aspects to cannabis advocacy can be how to talk to anti-cannabis believers. Every cannabis advocate has their own story of how they came to believe that cannabis was a powerful medication for wellness. I didn’t try cannabis until I was 30 years old, after having had my two daughters and having spent three decades firmly planted as a small town born and raised card carrying young Republican, Christian, and NRA member. Not quite the vision of a hippy you had in mind, is it? Just ask my best friend from junior high, Summer, who I clearly recall giving the “marijuana is a gateway drug” speech to in seventh grade. I believed with my whole heart that Summer was just a puff puff pass away from the mean streets of heroin abuse, destined to a career of prostitution or homelessness. <Side note: we’re both successful entrepreneurs these days.> I think it is this background that allows me to understand where anti-cannabis believers are coming from. I get it. I believed for thirty years and was sure I was right. Here are some helpful tips to make it easier for you to connect with folks who don’t share your viewpoint. 

START WITH AGREEMENT: Anger comes from fear. Trolling a troll or playing their game will only serve to further entrench them in their beliefs. Begin with the fundamental understanding that they are scared. Fear is a powerful thing. Perhaps they are worried that their children will lose all ambition or that the structure that gives them security will fall apart. These may seem like irrational fears to those of us with the knowledge of what a regulated cannabis industry looks like and feels like, but if I’m living in my small town in a state without that experience or knowledge, it just seems scary. When I moved to Las Vegas years ago I was shocked that everyone assumed I was a stripper or that I spent all my time in a nightclub. The reality is that I was in an office like most 20 somethings building a career and my Sunday mornings were spent in a church pew. When you begin with the understanding that these are very real fears for people, it gives you insight into their motivation. As an advocate you will begin to understand why they are so passionate about their stance against cannabis. 

SHARE YOUR STORY: Advice and opinions are tricky things because they aren’t right or wrong. They just are. I do my best not to offer up either, even when asked. Instead, I share my story or stories of experiences I have had. I share what happened to me, what led to my change in beliefs, and why I believe what I believe today. My pastor told me years ago that no one comes to faith thanks to a guy holding a sign and screaming about Christ on a street corner. Live in such a way that people are drawn to you and inquire about why you choose what you choose. If you are truly trying to make a positive impact in someone’s life it doesn’t matter that they agree with you. When they hear your story they can choose to make the decision that is right for their life. It’s a lot harder for anti-cannabis believers to generalize about all cannabis users being lazy stoners when they meet a hard working, award-winning entrepreneur and mom like me. 

OFFER TO BE THEIR GUIDE: For 4/20 this year our team hosted 500 industry leaders in a private residence to celebrate the holiday. There were guests from 21-90 years old, all education and career levels from cannabis trimmers to lawyers and doctors, and the property was in mint condition by the time it was over. Not one guest was inebriated or unsafe and many used our custom Lyft code to make sure they did not consume and drive. Of course I’m proud of our event and my team, but I share this because sometimes the people who most need a reality check about what regulated cannabis looks like aren’t the ones in the industry. We’re surrounded by the diversity of our industry every day, so we forget what it can be like to be on the outside thinking it’s filled with risk. There are some great resources the Drug Policy Alliance offers if you need facts and figures to share. 

I have always approached cannabis advocacy in the same way that I advocate for all of my beliefs: with kindness and a heart of service. The best cannabis advocates are educators. We are educating the general public with each interaction about who cannabis users are and what the industry represents. When someone is educated and has had their own experiences they are fully armed to make their own decisions about what is best for them, their family, and their community. 


8 Cannabis Brands That Are Working It On Social Media

Everyone has been a victim of hanging upside down, off the edge of our beds, high AF! On the most usual occasion we marry this act with scrolling through Instagram after puffing on the finest cannabis around. 

So in the sake of scrolling, here are the 8 coolest brands that will make your experience that much better.

@karl_kronic: Whoever Karl is , he know exactly what he is doing! The content that is posted on the page makes cannabis so appealing. This is a must follow!

@weedstagram420: We literally laughed for about 30 minutes straight scrolling through this timeline. In that time our friends got tired of us sending them posts, haha.

@thehighcircle: On their page they show you how to make a bong out of an airhead. Um what else is there to life?

@headyhawaii: The best bongs in town! hands down!

@nugshots: Its all about the strands with this brand! They post the weed we all should be smoking at least once a day!

@therealdank: Hey to all my hardcore fellas, we think you will appreciate this one.

@masterbong: This is some amazing content. Def tumblr worthy.

@dankshire: yeah, its about that time to roll up after this one. you have seen nothing like it before.

Okay so that is our list for the best cannabis brands on instagram for OBVIOUS reasons!

4 Photo Editing Apps for The Perfect Instagram Shot

Instagram has quickly become a force to be reckoned with adding live video and Snapchat-esque features. While the platform moves to dominate video, it’s also going back to its roots, adding an image gallery, allowing you to enhance your brand storytelling. 

When it comes to visuals, you must have strong images. Here are four apps that can help you perfect your Instagram shot.


Aviary has its own high rep among all other editing apps. It’s been on the market for a long time and has a firm grip on it. Aviary offers all sorts of editing tools and filters, you name it Aviary has it from adjustable mood to adjust color, brightness, contrast and more. Besides it also has stickers and cosmetic tools to remove any blemishes, pimples, and a teeth whitener and all that jazz to make sure that your selfie stands out the best.

Photo Editor Pro

With over 50 million users, you might be wonder what makes Photo Editor Pro so popular. PEP is known as the OG of all photo editors being the most easy and effective to us.

It has all sorts of tools including  filters and just about any other professional adjustment you could possibly think of.

Additionally, it has firmly retained most of its very much original editing tools to make sure all of your photos look as if shot by a professional photographer.


PicsArt Photo Studio & Collage

We can’t make a list of best editing app without mentioning PicsArt.  It’s been around since Instagram started humbly, serving its loyal users ever since. The app has all the usual gimmicks while the developers keep the app updated. It has this creative mode option, which makes you will feel like a mad scientist while editing your pictures. The app has amazing filters, you can crop out an image and paste it somewhere else and you can make GIFs!  

Bonfire Photo Editor Pro

Other than the standard tools like, temperature, contrast, color, HDR, brightness adjustment and tools. It boasts of a mouthwatering collection of avant-garde filters in enormous amounts. Another trait that differentiates the app is its artistic approach. You can filter your photo to a portrait by choosing from filters like watercolor effects, pencil, soft brush, black and white, crayons to each and every way of art. 

There are plenty of fish in the sea when it comes to choosing the photo editing app of your dreams,  which is great really because if one of these don’t work from you, there are a ton of others out there to experiment with. 

Comment below with your go-to photo editing app. And be sure to follow Social Media Unicorn on Insta! 

Cannabis In Vegas Delivery Direct To You

Cannabis In Vegas delivery direct to you is the Amazon of marijuana. It doesn’t matter what dispensary or brand you prefer, Cannabis In Vegas offers discreet delivery or pick up directly from Nevada’s best dispensaries to you. The concept for Cannabis In Vegas came from the talented GreenRush team and our very own team, who saw the need to highlight the enthusiastic cannabis community. Someone made the argument that the unique cannabis community culture that is thriving in Vegas would fade away with adult use recreational marijuana use. I disagree.

The Cannabis In Vegas community in Vegas will continue to grow with the increase in cannabis consumers in the Las Vegas market. Our community is unique thanks to the hospitality focus of the Las Vegas ecosystem, where world class customer service comes naturally. Las Vegas is a connoisseur city, where premium brands and services are standard. A direct to you solution for cannabis products serves the local medical marijuana patients and marijuana tourists. All dispensaries can benefit from easy cannabis consumer discovery, which is the primary solution that this platform offers. The win/win is for dispensaries and brands, who are charged nothing to be part of the community.

By offering a technology solution that unites all brands, dispensaries, and consumers, Cannabis In Vegas offers one stop shopping with concierge customer service. From the award-winning cannabis flower cultivated by Tahoe Hydro to battle born brand Remedy, there is something for everyone in the community. To receive 20% off your first order of $100 or more, just use code VEGAS420 on Cannabis In Vegas

Meet the Unicorns: Roni Stetter Cannabis Queen

A Sacramento native, Roni Stetter learned at an early age the medicinal benefits of cannabis. Since age 10, Roni battled with chronic pain, and in high school,  discovered cannabis was the only medication that could help her be active and get around. 

roni-stetterAfter relocating to San Diego for college, Roni channeled her passion for the potent plant to politics, leading the charge to garner support for California’s 2010 attempt at marijuana legalization, Prop 19. 

While the measure failed, it sparked the activism bug, which led Roni on an internal battle. “I was working in public relations at the time sneaking around and hiding the fact that I smoke weed.”

It was at that point Roni made the decision to fully embrace cannabis culture. Taking her strong writing background and PR skills, Roni launched her own company, aimed at working directly with grassroots marijuana startups.


In 2015, Roni earned the title of Miss High Times, boldly sharing her personal relationship with cannabis and the impact it has had on her life.

“I author a health and fitness blog and share training and nutrition tips for people trying to become more active. My ultimate goal is to be an evangelist, to showcase the health benefits of the plant,” she said in the interview

A longtime activist, wellness lifestyle blogger, and entrepreneur in the cannabis space, Roni brings both passion and enthusiasm to the Social Media Unicorn team.

You can connect with Roni on Twitter and Instagram as well as on her blog The Hurt Guru.

The State of The Nevada Cannabis Industry

The state of the Nevada cannabis industry is unique compared to all other cannabis markets in the United States today. As we head into the precipice of recreational adult use marijuana in the state of Nevada there are many fears that the sense of community we enjoy will fade into a thing of the past. Something that old timers will sit around and wax poetic about, sharing stories with all the young tokers around us. No matter your thoughts on where the Nevada cannabis industry is headed, the one thing that most will agree on is that Nevada has one of the most highly regulated cannabis markets in the United States. These regulations protect us from products that can harm consumers and keep non consuming cannabis consumers safe from inadvertently consuming an infused brownie.

Dispensaries: Thanks to Nevada’s liberal reciprocity program with every state in the union, anyone with a medical card or doctor’s recommendation is able to make a purchase at a medical marijuana dispensary in the state of Nevada. With just 55 dispensaries in the entire state, a mere 10 of which are in Northern Nevada, these dispensaries represent what Nevada has always been known for: unique experiences. When you come to Las Vegas you come seeking a unique experience. You want to be swept away in a manufactured Italy at the Palazzo or a cleaner version of NYC over at New York New York. The dispensaries in Nevada are no different. There are boutique dispensaries offering a relaxed buying experience like Sahara Wellness, where I often lovingly compare it to buying weed from your grandma. Over at Reef Dispensaries it is a well run corporate operation whose retail experiences resembles the Apple store empire. At the Las Vegas strip’s only dispensary (so far), Essence, they offer a professional, clean experience with a wide range of Nevada’s finest products. No matter the experience that you seek, Nevada’s dispensary have you covered.

Production: The shelves of Nevada’s dispensaries are notably bare when compared to more mature markets, but this is changing at a rapid pace. Established cannabis brands Dixie, Incredibles, Moxie, Caviar Gold, Manna Molecular Science, and many others are partnering with savvy production operations in the state of Nevada to bring more diverse products to Nevada cannabis consumers. Newer brands like Cannabiotix and Evergreen Organics are creating quality products that have cannabis consumers coming back for more. From Pure O&M’s pure distillate to Silver State Wellness’ food quality laboratory, Nevada is attracting some of the top post production talent in the cannabis industry. For investors it is in the production space where the vast majority of opportunity exists. A savvy investor can bring a concept and funding to these talented chemists, who can then take your dream from idea to reality. For organizations like ours we handle the branding, packaging, marketing, public relations, promotion, and sales and service of the product to make it easy for investors to kick back and collect checks. Securing the right production partner can be time intensive, but it well worth the time to ensure a long and mutually beneficial business relationship.

Cultivation: Just a few years ago every cannabis investor in Nevada was sure that they had the best cultivator. Given that this was a largely unproven black market, it was only a matter of time before the true talent rose to the top. Cultivating fire product with a dozen plants in your basement didn’t mean cultivators knew how to efficiently run a commercial operation, which has become evident in the swift turn over for cultivation operations who never made it to market or were put up for sale shortly after their debut crop made it to the dispensaries. For brands who have focused on cultivating the best product, they have reaped swift rewards. Tahoe Hydroponics, a boutique cultivation based in Carson City on the shores of Lake Tahoe, swept the November 2016 Jack Herer Cup in all three categories of flower. Cannabiotix and Matrix have been earning top shelf accolades by dispensaries and consumers throughout the Nevada market thanks to their dedication to quality products in appealing packaging.

Delivery: For a long while in the industry you had two options for delivery: creating your own delivery process or hiring Blackbird Go. The Cannabis In Vegas marketplace has transformed the landscape by creating a cannabis marketplace where you can easily purchase a bong, premium flower, and tasty infused edibles on one platform. Think of it as the Amazon of marijuana, all with free delivery options to all areas of Las Vegas. It’s the one stop shopping that you need to simplify your cannabis experience in Las Vegas.

Ancillary: Las Vegas is an ideal gateway for all things cannabis culture, with talent in the community from a wide range of states and countries contributing to the diversity of products and experiences available. From the Travel Joint, Las Vegas’ marijuana friendly Air BNB to Cloud Wars, a cutting edge glass blowing company doing big things for cannabis consumers in Las Vegas and around the world. Thanks to the huge hospitality and alcohol markets in Las Vegas there is an abundance of talent who understand customer service.

Today the Nevada cannabis market’s outlook is one of the best in the industry, with opportunity at every level. Don’t hesitate to reach out to any of our unicorns on the Social Media Unicorn team to discover more about how you can get involved in the Nevada cannabis community. Give us a call at 702-812-6555 or email krista@socialmediaunicorn.com.

Every Cannabis CEO Needs to Know THIS About Social Media

Every cannabis CEO needs to know THIS about social media: it isn’t about social media. Apple Marketing Genius Guy Kawasaki said, “Today, social media is near the top of what determines your success or failure, whether you’re promoting a business, a product, or yourself.”

I remember back in 2006 when I opened my first business I got a wide range of advice on how I should market that business. From hiring a fancy advertising agency to joining the local Chamber of Commerce, everyone had an opinion on the best means to launch my business. So, I started where I was: the internet. These were the very early days of Facebook, long before you could get a business page, and MySpace was still the preferred social media platform.

Long before there were books about growing your business on social media, there I was in Northern Alberta doing just that. Today I find so many parallels between the tale of my first venture and the industry I am in today: cannabis. As America’s fastest growing industry, cannabis is the Wild West of marketing. Facebook and Instagram have taken a hard line against the paid promotion of cannabis, eliminating a lot of the pay per click options available to other industries on these platforms.

I spend my days working with brands of all shapes and sizes in the cannabis space on how to increase their brand awareness and drive revenue of their products. It doesn’t matter if you’re an A list celebrity or an enthusiast with a dream, if you are the CEO of a cannabis brand there is just one thing that you need to know about social media: COMMUNITY.

Too many social media strategists have gotten the fundamental understanding of what makes social media work wrong. They think it is about a pretty cover photo or great content. They’re sure that if you gain a particular audience size or achieve a particular percentage of audience engagement success will happen. All of these things are important in a comprehensive social media strategy for a cannabis brand, but there is only one thing that needs to remain front and center for you and your brand: COMMUNITY.

Social media works because since the dawn of humanity we have congregated together based on shared likes and dislikes. It is these human preferences that connect us. Particularly in cannabis communities across the world it is a fundamental belief about the use of cannabis that binds us. It keeps us firmly focused on the normalization of the use of cannabis, fighting back against generations of prohibition that was contrary to all common sense. It keeps us marching no matter our political party affiliation because we believe in the power of the herb. Social media is built on the principle of community.

For cannabis CEO’s who understand this one thing about social media for their cannabis brand they are able to view social media not as some abstract marketing tool. Instead, they are able to view social media as the foundation for all of their marketing efforts. Successful cannabis brands understand that they will go no where in the cannabis community without building and embracing the cannabis community.

Each cannabis community is different. Social Media Unicorn works in six cannabis markets: Seattle, Denver, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Oakland, and Los Angeles. In each of these unique markets we notice the nuances of the local cannabis community. Recreational or medicinal; organic or not; so many communities within each cannabis community emerge. It is our job to identify the nuances of each of these communities and find authentic, creative ways to connect with the members of these communities.

After all, it’s not about social media. It’s about being a social company.

Social Media Unicorn helps business leaders and entrepreneurs to achieve their goals. We solve problems and make connections to make your life easier. Discover how our team of Social Media Unicorns can help you and your cannabis brand today by calling 702-812-6555 or send an email directly to our founder at krista@socialmediaunicorn.com.

What Parents Get Wrong About Marijuana

What parents get wrong about marijuana is the same as what they get wrong about children in general: they get it. Children will understand what you teach them. They are fully capable little humans who will understand all of those uncomfortable topics that you don’t want to talk to them about. My daughters have been raised around marijuana, understanding that it is powerful medicine just like they know that guns are powerful weapons. I didn’t hold back when it came to the dangers of how sick it can make healthy people should they accidentally or intentionally consume it. Your children are fully capable of understanding that a plant can be powerful medicine. They get it.

The easiest way to educate your children about marijuana is the same way that you would start talking to them about their maturing bodies, sex, alcohol, or travel. The first time I took my girls on an airplane it was scary. Today they’ve been on so many airplanes that they comfort the kids around them. What parents need to do more of is have open, non judgmental conversations with their children on a wide variety of topics- including marijuana. When your children know that they can talk to you about anything, it removes the fear and taboo.

No matter if you are working in the industry, consuming marijuana, or just wanting to address the normalization of cannabis that is happening in our world today, talking about it openly with your children is the best way to make sure they don’t use marijuana underage.