Vendor Appreciation Day at Jenny’s Dispensary

On December 16th, our team was on site at Jenny’s North Las Vegas location to show our appreciation for their dispensary team and their patients. We came armed with swag, information, and one goal: to educate consumers about Caviar Gold and their fantastic line of products that launched in November in Nevada.

We had a fantastic time speaking to customers about Caviar Gold. Here are a few facts about their products that we shared that day.  

  • All infused everything!

Caviar Gold’s premium flower, edibles, and prerolls are all infused with their signature Amber Fire Hash Oil. It’s famed for its potency, making Caviar’s products perfect for the cannabis connoisseur in search of The World’s Strongest.

Unlike other infused flower, Caviar Gold starts with premium buds and, using a patented process, infuses it all the way to the stem with the sticky, delicious Amber Fire Oil.

  • They’ve got edibles!

Cavi Taffies are packed with flavor and THC! The bite size bits are discreet and delicious, and come in 5 tantalizing flavors such as Strawberry Kough and Cantaloupe.

  • All Natural!

You might know that Caviar Gold’s prerolls and taffies come in a variety of fresh fruity flavors, but you might not know just how fresh they are! All of the fruit flavoring used in every Caviar Product is derived from fresh, organic fruit grown by the California Sun.

How many of these facts did you already know? Tell us in the comments below, and share the reasons that you love Caviar Gold!

We love talking about Caviar Gold, because we believe in their products and think you will too! Our team will be all over Nevada sharing the awesome news about Caviar Gold’s return to the Silver State. Catch us at your local dispensary to grab some swag and learn more about Caviar Gold’s line of cannabis products!

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