Best Practices On Instagram

Instagram is a terrific avenue for brands to promote their products and attract new users. And it’s easy right? Well, not exactly. Ensuring success on Instagram is much more than simply throwing a new image up every few days. If your brand wants to stand out from the 500 million other accounts on the platform, you’ll need tips on how to rise above the noise. Luckily, we’ve listed our top tips below. Keep in mind that each and every brand is different along with their overall goals so while our advice should resonate with many brands out there, you should still tailor these to your needs.
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1. POST FREQUENCY: When you post matters just as much as what you post. Late in the day (4:20PM PST) and Thursday and Friday evenings going into holiday weekends will always out perform Monday at high noon posts. This is due to the sheer volume of people actively using Instagram during these times. Once daily is a must, but the top performing accounts are usually posting at least 2-3 times during these peak times.
2. QUALITY HASHTAGS: Study top performing hashtags and make sure that you are posting things that are starting to trend or currently trending. The more diverse the hashtags, the better. It can be tempting to continue to post the same type of content if it’s working, but you’ll gain a bigger audience if you stay diversified.
3. SHARE, SHARE, SHARE: Sharing the love is the name of the game. You want to be sharing user generated content and crediting users. Social media is truly at it’s best when the user is the star of the brand’s show. You should be spending at least 30-60 minutes per day commenting on other posts and accounts who you want to engage. This will help increase our exposure and give the brand an authentically engaged feeling.
4. ASK FOR TAGS: Asking users to “tag a friend” is a useful audience growth strategy. This way your audience will become your unpaid influencers sharing your brand for you. A strategy around a paid influencer campaign will always help, but you can start by asking users to tag a friend in posts at no cost.
5. USE THE RIGHT FILTERS: The right filter can make all the difference. Filters with higher exposure, warmer temperatures, and higher contrast are the best ones to choose when posting. Properly filtered photos are 21% more likely to be viewed and 45% more likely to be commented on than non-filtered photos.
6. HAPPY FACE: Emojis perform super well on Instagram. Emojis help to draw in the audience and are a universal method of expression. Sometimes all you need to say for the post can be said in emojis. Try to make sure you incorporate at least one emoji per post.
7. VIDEO: Fun fact: less than 10% of all Instagram posts are currently video, yet they garner 18% of all comments. Video is highly engaging and will hold audience attention even longer than a photo, so make sure you are incorporating lots of video.
8. CONTESTS: Getting competitive around user generated content is always a great strategy. One of our clients did this around Valentine’s Day and got some great content. Having an Instagram specific contest for user generated content is a very effective way to incentivize your audience for their engagement.
9. THOUGHT LEADERSHIP: Show off your knowledge! This helps to solidify your presence an authority in the cannabis space or whatever area you work in. Also, make sure that you are posting “read more by clicking on the link in our bio”. This will help to drive that valuable traffic back to your website.
With these tips, some great photos and a few minutes per day, your brand will be on its way to Instagram stardom in no time. Follow our Instagram now! 

Generational Marijuana Marketing: Is it all about the Millennials?

The Generations Defined According to the Pew Research Center 63% of Republican Millennials support the legalization of marijuana. Support for marijuana legalization is a largely generational story, with younger Americans on both sides of the aisle supporting legalization, while the older generations tend to be less likely to support marijuana legalization. Young adults have disproportionately driven the shift toward public support of marijuana, though support is rising among other generations as well. Millennials- those ages 18 to 35 in 2016- are more than twice as likely to support legalization of marijuana as they were in 2006 (71% today, up from 34% in 2006), and are significantly more likely to support legalization than other generations.   It’s interesting because in Nevada, where medical marijuana is legal and the majority of Nevadans support the legalization of recreational marijuana for adults 21 and older, the majority of medical marijuana card holders are members of the Silent Generation. Seniors account for 57% of Nevada medical marijuana card holders (as of September 30, 2016). Young adults have disproportionately driven the shift toward public support of marijuana, though support is rising among other generations as well. Millennials- those ages 18 to 35 in 2016- are more than twice as likely to support legalization of marijuana as they were in 2006 (71% today, up from 34% in 2006), and are significantly more likely to support legalization than other generations.   Where does this leave marijuana brands when it comes to marijuana marketing? The savviest cannabis brands understand the unique differences in characteristics and influences for each generation. Here is a breakdown of those differences:   The Baby Boom Generation (52-70yr olds) Characteristics: Experimental, individualist, free-spirited, self-believing, self-fulfillment, self-improvement, rejection or redefinition of traditional values. Influences: The rise of television, the assassinations of JFK and MLK, the Civil Rights Movement, the Beatles, the Vietnam War, the Apollo moon landing, and Woodstock.   Generation X (36-51yr olds) Characteristics: Rebellious, innovator, independent, entrepreneurial, anti-establishment, skeptical, ecologically-minded, anti-consumerist, short attention span, multi-career minded. Influences: Watergate, 70’s oil prices, Iran hostage crisis, increased divorce rates, rise of technology with personal computers, AIDS, and grunge music.   Millennials (18-35yr olds) Characteristics: Style savvy, tech savvy, making more money at younger ages, independent, socially and environmentally aware, pro-community, multicultural, pro gender equality. Influences: Fall of Berlin Wall, birth of the internet, dotcom boom and bust, 9/11, social media growth, and rebirth of pop culture. Knowing these characteristics and understanding the influences of each generation can help marijuana brands to understand how to best connect, engage, and activate their target audience. As any Millennial can tell you, they are least likely to speak with someone on the telephone. In fact, there are memes making fun of brands who try to connect with them via telephone rather than through social media channels or a text message. So where does this leave marijuana brands that need to find an effective marketing strategy that satisfies these three different generations? The answer is to start developing an omni-channel marketing strategy. Omni-channel communication is the conversations between businesses and their customers that flow freely in both directions across multiple channels. The benefits of having multiple channels allows customers multiple options for connecting to your marijuana brand: by phone, on social media, through your website, e-mail, or text messages means more communication. More communication means more business, which can translate into more sales and higher profits for your marijuana brand.   With the shorter attention spans of Generation X and Millennials, time is certainly the most important factor when dealing with marijuana brands. By responding quickly to customers in the channel of their choice, marijuana brands are showing that they are readily available to answer their questions. This is also removing the potential frustration that customers may experience when trying to contact a marijuana brand. This is why Facebook has an emphasis on the response time to Facebook Business Page messages. Response time drives your organic content algorithm, so if you want your content to be seen by more people who have liked your Facebook page having a 100% reply rate within 60 minutes is imperative.   Omni-channel marketing is only going to grow in importance for marijuana marketing. If a marijuana brand is not agile and listening across multiple channels, they are ignoring a lot of their current and potential consumers. With Millennials getting older and making more money they are a huge part of the marijuana customer base. It is important to meet their needs and communication preferences if your marijuana brand wants to accomplish growth goals. In the past I would hear the same question from traditional CEO’s of major brands “What is the value of a tweet?” It’s simple: it is the same value of having a salesperson on the floor of your dispensary communicating the unique value proposition of your marijuana brand. If a Millennial prefers to communicate via Twitter, the value of that tweet is the difference between becoming a raving fan, a satisfied consumer, or a spurned potential consumer who found your marijuana brand to be deaf. Millennials are the largest generation since Baby Boomers, and they are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to their spending dollars and the ability to cause major chaos to a marijuana brand when their needs aren’t met. They have extremely high standards when it comes to customer service because they were raised on the internet and mobile technology has meant instant communication at any time.   For marijuana brands it isn’t all about Millennials, but about creating omni-channel marketing approaches that connect on a deeper level with the cannabis consumer. After all, content is king, but emotion is queen.  

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