4 Easy Ways to be Productive

The New Year is the perfect time to rectify bad habits. Holidays havoc has slowed and the typical schedule has resumed. Kick off your new year with these simple improvements!

Stop multitasking

Multitasking slows everyone down. If you can prioritize and finish one task before resuming another you’ll be able to maximize your efficiency and clear up wasted time.

Optimize your peak hours

What are your best hours to perform throughout the day? What makes those hours special? Try to use this information to prolong that time. The more you can get done in your peak hours, the less you have to do throughout the day!

Get rid of distractions

How can you minimize your distractions throughout the day? Many of us can’t help but open Facebook or Instagram throughout the day and lose track of tasks and time. If this is a problem try logging out until your off work. You’ll finish tasks faster and find bigger projects less arduous! Are co-workers distracting you? Can you close the door? Simply wearing earbuds or headsets are a great way to signal to everyone that you want to focus in on your work!

Treat yourself better!

Get more sleep! Eat healthier! Get some exercise! Yes it’s cliché and much harder to do than say, but choosing to live a healthier lifestyle will help improve your mood, mental focus, and vastly help your productivity!


Becoming more productive has a compounding effect on reducing stress and simply making life easier. Small steps are still steps towards your goal. Managing your productivity will greatly help you manage your time and eventually give you more freedom to spend more time doing what you love whether that is family time, relaxation, or attending your favorite craft class more than once per week! If you have any other productivity hacks we’d love to know! Be sure you’re following us on all channels for extra motivation and the latest in social media and cannabis news!

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