5 Industries That Have Changed For The Better Thanks to Social Media

Social media is a conduit for change and has disrupted several industries from entertainment to education. Here is our list of 5 industries that have been impacted for the better thanks to social media. 


Regardless of your political stance, social media sites like Twitter and YouTube have given big voices from small communities, changing policy from the inside out. Twitter in particular has served as a conduit to a digital revolution and more than ever before brands are taking a stand, voicing their support for political topics, a major shift from past practices of staying out of the “controversy”.



To piggyback off of our last topic, there was no bigger demonstration of brands using their platform to take a political stance that political ads that aired during the 2017 Super Bowl. As was the case in previous years, Super Bowl clip and in some cases full commercials were released before the big game on social media. It was hard to find an ad that didn’t seem to have some politically charged under tone.

The conversation on the commercials and battle of the hashtags overtook chatter about the game, that was until Tom Brady came back like a vengeance in the end to take the whole thing home.


News is probably one of the biggest industries impacted by social media. From videos documenting tragic police brutality to mistakes to be played over and over again, social media can become a reporter’s best friend or worst enemy.


If you are looking to get your brand connected with influencers and writers in your area, adding them on social media and finding a way to organically start a convo is a great way to network in the social media age.

Small Business

So you don’t have much of an ad budget. Well, that’s no problem because we have social media marketing tools that cost as little as $5 and have a reach of thousands in your neighborhood. There are so many new apps out, if you are a small business or startup, regardless of the industry, suggest snagging a social media expert to help you get things organized.



Cannabis Content

Marijuana plant growing in an indoor facility

For the first time in history, the men and women of the cannabis industry can operate out in the open. Though there are still a lot of issues when it comes to terms and conditions of advertising cannabis products, there are great opportunities to use social media to educate the public on the medicinal and therapeutic aspects of the plant.

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