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Social Media Unicorn’s Top 5 Can’t Miss Cannabis Industry Parties

 Social Media Unicorn’s Top 5 Can’t Miss Cannabis Industry PartiesIt’s a big week in the Las Vegas cannabis industry – with both ArcView *and* Marijuana Business Daily Conferences there is a slew of wonderful weed-filled events! Here are our Top-5-Can’t-Miss-Parties if you’re looking to connect with cannabis industry hot-shots from far and wide! C-LAB Las Vegas […]

Vegas Cannabis Summit Breaksdown the Ins and Outs of Advertising

The newly launched adult use market in Nevada has opened its doors for a variety of opportunities in the cannabis industry without ever touching the plant. Social Media Unicorn’s CEO Krista Whitley is among the panelists slated to support the leading cannabis professionals operating in the emerging Nevada, California and national marketplace.The Vegas Cannabis Summit presents leaders […]

Here’s How Social Media Has Changed Everything

From digital advertising to crowdfunding and social justice, ever since the inception of MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter social media has changed the way the world communicates. A newly released infographic “The Conservation Prism 5.0”  might be the key to grasping today’s complicated and ever crowded social media landscape. Originally launched in 2008 by Brian Solis, an author and digital analyst […]

Here’s Why Cannabis Collabs Are the Next Big Thing

When it comes to growing your brand, strategic partnerships can be a highly effective way to build your businesses.This is particularly true in the new legal cannabis space. As more and more new states legalize marijuana for both medical and adult use, this offers a unique opportunity for existing cannabis brands to grow nationally through partnerships with […]

4 Things You Should Know About New Recreational Cannabis In Nevada

Nevada’s new cannabis laws go into effect on July 1st.This year alone the city has welcomed more than  17,000,000 visitors and that doesn’t even include the summer months.Come July 1st Nevada locals and the millions of visitors age 21 and up will soon be able to walk into a dispensary and purchase cannabis similar to dispensaries in […]

Becoming a Unicorn

The first month of a new career always brings fear and excitement.I’m glad to say that here at Social Media Unicorn it has been a lot more excitement than fear. Everyone is great! Not only is my entire team fun to work with, they all have an in-depth knowledge of the cannabis culture and the […]