Digital Marketing On A Budget

Not having a big budget doesn’t mean you can’t put digital marketing to work for you and see great results. These are three of the most cost-effective methods for digital marketing. Read more

Happy Birthday to Our Magical CEO!

37 was an epic year for me. I had opportunities bigger than the dreams I dreamed growing up. I grew as a leader in ways I didn’t know I had the capacity for. I expanded my heart with more empathy and kindness than I thought I had. I laughed more, listened deeper, and experienced more joy than a younger me could have imagined. This life I lead every day is a gift that exceeds my expectations.

Today I turn 38. I find myself in board rooms with my team feeling older and wiser than ever before, but there’s one piece of wisdom I learned in the last year that shines bright in my mind. It comes from my one on one chat with Whoopi Goldberg: “Birthdays are great. I celebrate them for all of my friends who didn’t get to have one.” Read more

National Unicorn Day

Who doesn’t love a unicorn?! Unicorns are integral parts in legends and fairy tales, and serve as a symbol for purity and magic. April 9th is National Unicorn Day. Although there is little history about why the glitziest day of the year falls when it does, the website, suggests it was selected based on how many references there were to “National Unicorn Day” on that day across various social media platforms. Either way, we at Social Media Unicorn carry a fondness for those mystical beauties and have put together some of our favorite unicorn things to celebrate this day! Read more

Spring Clean Your Social Media Accounts

It’s officially springtime and now is the perfect opportunity to clean out your social media accounts. It’s a good idea to review your social profiles and clean out those digital cobwebs. Over time, your bio details will become outdated, privacy settings will have been changed without your consent, and your overall use and goals for a particular platform may have shifted. Every now and then, it’s nice to change up or polish your social media—especially if they’re public accounts you use to promote your blog or business. Read more

10 Laws of Social Media

If you’re interested in managing a brand’s social media presence or increasing the engagement on your personal social media accounts, there are 10 basic laws you must abide by to succeed! Read more

Women Grow: Skills for the Modern Business Woman Recap

We kicked off Women’s History Month at our Social Media Unicorn headquarters with our monthly Women Grow event. This month we focused on ‘Skills for the Modern Business Woman: Taxes, Staffing and Power Brows. The intimate affair led to great conversation between the guest and the speakers, while the power brows tutorial was a huge hit amongst everyone in the crowd!

What We Learned

Our first speaker was Natalie Rasmussen, tax senior manager at California Cannabis CPA. She provided us with a brief and informative discussion about the new tax code for cannabis companies and even reminded all of us about the upcoming filing deadline. Thanks for the reminder, Natalie! Next, we dived into the world of staffing with Valery Godina, owner of Full Moon Harvest. She gave us a breakdown on licensing, and knowing how to pick the right candidate. (Hint, it’s not always about looking good on paper.)

Finally, makeup artist Angel Bello treated us to a tutorial on how to create the perfect “power brows’ for your face. Altitude Products Director of Nevada, Melissa Romero volunteered to be the eyebrow model. Angel also answered numerous questions from the audience and taught us that our eyebrows were sisters, not twins. As the tutorial came to end, members of the audience were also able to get their eyebrows done by the magical makeup unicorn.

Similar to every Women Grow event, the evening included light mingling and snacks. In addition to networking opportunities and crudités, guests were treated to a complimentary gift from Bella’s ultra premium CBD infused bath line. We hope our visitors ended the night with their relaxing Bella bath bomb, bath salts and body cream.

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LVMMA – Love Your Cannabis Community Event Recap

On the second Thursday of every month our team proudly hosts the Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Association’s Market Trends in Marijuana to educate, inspire, and connect our community. February’s Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Association’s (LVMMA) monthly mixer was all about ‘Loving Your Cannabis Community.’ The fun filled night was held at our North Las Vegas headquarters. Normally, our LVMMA events take place at Wayne Newton’s Casa de Shenandoah, and serve as an educational evening; including an expert panel and a Q&A portion. However, this month we decided to focus on the people and not the products incorporated in the cannabis community.

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3…2…1…ICYMI: How to Build Rocket ships

When Krista Whitley first took on the Las Vegas Chapter of Women Grow she had her work cut out for her.  However, if you have been around Krista you know there’s no problem too big for her to solve. Passionate about re-igniting a flame in Las Vegas, her mission as a Market Leader was to build a thriving community. Fast forward a year; here we are with Altitude Products very own CEO, Krista, speaking at the Woman Grow 2018 Leadership Summit. Krista and her Unicorns are now on a rocket ship gaining more and more altitude. Check out a recap of Krista’s Speech and learn how to build a rocket ship with her three secrets below.

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Confessions of a Doobie Sister

Before I became a unicorn, I dabbled briefly in the music industry. I was one half of the female rap duo, “The Doobie Sisters”. I can’t believe I’m even divulging this embarrassing information about myself, but here I am… typing away!

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Women Grow: Get Lit and Fit Recap

   We started off 2018 with a remarkable Women Grow event hosted by Social Media Unicorn. The magical night focused on professionals mingling and networking with the hopes of learning how to incorporate cannabis into a fitness routine.

   There was a great energy in the air as the gregarious crowd waited for the festivities to begin. The attendees enjoyed an open bar and delicious hors devours while meeting and greeting new and familiar faces. The head unicorn in charge, Krista Whitley also took to the floor and interacted with guests before moderating the event.

   Our three amazing guest speakers for the ‘Get Lit and Fit’ event were: Rebecca Perrick, Jessie Sutphin and Deuvall Dorsey. Each of these fitness enthusiasts shared their do’s and don’ts of marijuana consumption before, during, and after their workouts. The common thread between all three guests was their desire to remove the stigma of cannabis users. Guests of the event were also treated with a detailed discussion on the differences between Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

The next Women’s Grow event will take place on the 2nd Thursday of February.