Lunch with Whoopi Goldberg

The Social Media Unicorns sat down with Whoopi Goldberg for lunch at Echo & Rig to celebrate the star’s 62nd birthday, talk cannabis, and why she loves the fabulous city of Las Vegas. And boy, was it magical!

The lunch kicked off with our very own CEO, Krista Whitley interviewing The View personality, Whoopi, who got candid about the cannabis industry.

Whoopi founded Whoopi and Maya, a medical cannabis brand that focuses on relieving the pain associated with menstrual cramps, which is pretty boss. She spoke about the need for this kind of medicine, as well as how half of the world’s population can benefit from it (and even more because she has re-branded the same product for men, too!).

She also dropped some knowledge on the group of cannabis industry professionals in the room, by reminding them that they should have patience when explaining the advantages of cannabis. Often times, naysayers simply do not understand and are from a time when cannabis was deemed bad.

The superstar also recanted stories about her time in the neon-lit city of Las Vegas and remarked how the city has always been good to her. She was later surprised with a gorgeous (uninfused!) cake made by the edibles company Glacé, as the crowd sang and presented her with another surprise! Unicorn Polly Weinstein, gifted Whoopi a gold-plated pot leaf necklace that was custom-made just for her.

“I AM 62 YEARS OLD TODAY!” screamed Whoopi, “You have to celebrate every birthday for your loved ones who didn’t get the chance to!”

Whoopi posed for pictures with excited industry fans while laughing and joking with lunch guests as if they were all old friends. She was incredibly gracious while answering questions and enjoying her time at lunch before heading out to perform later that evening.

Children and Cannabis

Children and cannabis don’t seem like an ideal pairing for many folks. I appreciate why. When individuals under the age of 25 consume cannabis it can affect memory and brain development, so just the very topic of children and cannabis can be a conflict. As a mother and cannabis entrepreneur, I have been transparent with my children about the industry I am in, the medicine I work with, and how consumption of that medicine before their developing brains are ready can affect their health. Cannabis has about as much excitement in our house as Benadryl. 

Last week my daughters asked if they could attend the monthly Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Association’s Market Trends in Marijuana panel. We were serving Unicorn Poop (a dessert ice cream truck) and they wanted the opportunity to see their mother leading from the podium. So, they came with nanny in tow- just in case things got out of hand. They enjoyed the Unicorn Poop ice cream, but what surprised even their own mother was just how interested they were in the conversation. Later that evening, as I tucked them into bed, they asked questions about branding and brand development, but were mostly moved by the stories of cancer patients using cannabis to conquer cancer. 

As a parent it can be uncomfortable to have conversations about topics that make you uncomfortable. However, it is important to have those uncomfortable conversations in the safety of your own home. No matter how you feel about cannabis, communicating with your children about what cannabis is will help them to grow into adults who can make their own decisions about cannabis. Access resources like NORML and Leafly to have constructive conversations that educate your children. 

What Parents Get Wrong About Marijuana

What parents get wrong about marijuana is the same as what they get wrong about children in general: they get it. Children will understand what you teach them. They are fully capable little humans who will understand all of those uncomfortable topics that you don’t want to talk to them about. My daughters have been raised around marijuana, understanding that it is powerful medicine just like they know that guns are powerful weapons. I didn’t hold back when it came to the dangers of how sick it can make healthy people should they accidentally or intentionally consume it. Your children are fully capable of understanding that a plant can be powerful medicine. They get it.

The easiest way to educate your children about marijuana is the same way that you would start talking to them about their maturing bodies, sex, alcohol, or travel. The first time I took my girls on an airplane it was scary. Today they’ve been on so many airplanes that they comfort the kids around them. What parents need to do more of is have open, non judgmental conversations with their children on a wide variety of topics- including marijuana. When your children know that they can talk to you about anything, it removes the fear and taboo.

No matter if you are working in the industry, consuming marijuana, or just wanting to address the normalization of cannabis that is happening in our world today, talking about it openly with your children is the best way to make sure they don’t use marijuana underage.