Confessions of a Doobie Sister

Before I became a unicorn, I dabbled briefly in the music industry. I was one half of the female rap duo, “The Doobie Sisters”. I can’t believe I’m even divulging this embarrassing information about myself, but here I am… typing away!

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Women Grow: Get Lit and Fit Recap

   We started off 2018 with a remarkable Women Grow event hosted by Social Media Unicorn. The magical night focused on professionals mingling and networking with the hopes of learning how to incorporate cannabis into a fitness routine.

   There was a great energy in the air as the gregarious crowd waited for the festivities to begin. The attendees enjoyed an open bar and delicious hors devours while meeting and greeting new and familiar faces. The head unicorn in charge, Krista Whitley also took to the floor and interacted with guests before moderating the event.

   Our three amazing guest speakers for the ‘Get Lit and Fit’ event were: Rebecca Perrick, Jessie Sutphin and Deuvall Dorsey. Each of these fitness enthusiasts shared their do’s and don’ts of marijuana consumption before, during, and after their workouts. The common thread between all three guests was their desire to remove the stigma of cannabis users. Guests of the event were also treated with a detailed discussion on the differences between Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

The next Women’s Grow event will take place on the 2nd Thursday of February.

Vendor Appreciation Day at Jenny’s Dispensary

On December 16th, our team was on site at Jenny’s North Las Vegas location to show our appreciation for their dispensary team and their patients. We came armed with swag, information, and one goal: to educate consumers about Caviar Gold and their fantastic line of products that launched in November in Nevada.

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A Message From Krista

Hi Unicorns,

Go where you are celebrated. I used to spend all my time trying to prove the folks wrong who criticize me, thinking it would make me better. Constructive criticism and feedback come from a place of love and authentic celebration of who you are. That’s why it’s important to get in where you fit in.

Learn to fall in love with life’s no’s. Every no is one no closer to the life changing yes. Rather than fighting the no, teach yourself to visualize that it is just one step closer to all of the bigger things you are meant to do. This one has been a rough lesson for me because I am impatient and I want it now, but I could not have the company and life I have today without all of those no’s.

Accept that people are imperfect. Lord, my friend, I fight this on the daily. Imperfections, mistakes, what the hell were you thinking, why can’t you just be what I want you to be- all that is a daily battle, but I try with my heart and soul to accept that the beauty of human beings is in their flaws. I want folks to accept me for all my fearless boldness and loud mouthed opinions, so that acceptance is something I strive for.

More than anything, know that you are appreciated. You are loved. Even in your darkest moments remember that it is darkest before the dawn and the good Lord is giving you great challenges because you are meant for great leadership.



Motherhood and Marijuana

I was 25 when my doctor told me that it would be difficult to have children due to my endometriosis. I foolishly assumed I was cursed with bad cramps before being diagnosed with. My doctor suggested prescribed medicines and multiple birth control methods, but they usually made me feel sick. Since, I was already using marijuana recreationally, I decided to use it for my menstrual pain. Once I learned that endometriosis was linked to endocannabinoid deficiency (ECD), I knew that cannabis would be the best method to battle my pain. However, I had to find out the hard way that smoking increases blood clots, but dried flowers and/or CBD oil works best because it combusts the cannabis and releases a range of cannabinoids.
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Social Media Burn Out – When Working in Social Media Makes You Hate Social Media

We’re living in the age of information, where connecting with people from all different walks of life is only a few keystrokes away. And what a wonderful world it is! However, working in social media can make maintaining your personal social media feel like, well, work. Here are some tips to keep your creative juices flowing! 

Take time to unplug 

Social Media is a 24 / 7, 365 job. Trends happen and disappear in the blink of an eye, and consumers expect near -instantaneous responses to their questions or comments. At this point, I feel naked if I’m not attached to my phone or computer. The constant screen time can block creativity and make everything feel fabricated, which makes creating content and captions feel like pulling teeth.  It’s so important to take some time for yourself – to put down the electronics and simply observe the world around you, and not through a camera lens or Snapchat filter. Pressing the “reset” button on your brain is as simple as taking a 5 minute walk or meditation break, and it works wonders for clearing out the white noise of endless social media profiles. 


Use what you know!

When you work in social media, you learn all the tips and tricks of the game: the best times to post, when to use or not use hashtags, how to up your engagement, etc. There’s no shame in putting these best practices to use in your own social media profiles. Taking the guesswork out of the details frees up your mind to focus on what matters: utilizing your creativity to put out authentic content. 


Utilize a scheduling platform

Life gets busy, and when you manage social media accounts for others, managing your own can be tedious and time consuming. Utilizing a scheduling platform, such as Sprout Social Media Manager, is such an easy way to make sure you’re getting out the content you want people to see, without having to take time out of your busy day to post something spontaneously. Whenever you have some free time and are feeling creative, schedule out the next few days’ worth of content and then forget about it! It’s liberating to not have to think about it, and all it takes is a little forward thinking and pre-planning! 
Social media is an ever-present part of our lives, and connecting with people from all across the globe is made easy by this information age. Taking advantage of the things you’ve learned and the technology you’ve been introduced to through social media marketing is a great way to save time and energy on your own social media. Don’t forget to take a few minutes each day for yourself, away from the tech, and you’ll find the joy in staying connected! 
Photo Credit: Courtesy of HTSABO

How Cannabis Helped Relieve my IBS Symptoms

A lot of people have asked me recently how cannabis specifically helps my IBS symptoms. I’m happy to share, because cannabis is medicine and cannabis promotes unity and community in a way that’s unlike any other medication!  


Let’s start with a little background.

I have had tummy troubles for as long as I can remember, but it wasn’t until high school that I finally saw a gastroenterologist, had my first colonoscopy, and was diagnosed with IBS. After that, it was a seemingly never-ending parade of different medications: one for the nausea, one for appetite, one for the cramping, one to help “move things along”…. so many medications with so many side effects that I felt sick, bloated, and uncomfortable whether I took them or didn’t. My sophomore year in college, my hair broke off in my hand, because the meds made it weak and brittle. That’s when I really understood the havoc I was wreaking on my body through the prescription meds. And that’s when I decided to stop taking them. 

Enter: Cannabis 

What then, would I do for the cramps? The nausea? The inability to eat? Enter: cannabis. I have always been a cannabis user, but it wasn’t until 2012 that I found myself a cannabis patient as well. Instead of using it recreationally, I used it medicinally. It soothed my cramps, eased the nausea, and gave me an appetite when I had none. My hair grew back, I lost a bunch of weight (60 lbs!), I wasn’t tired and I didn’t feel sick all the time. I haven’t looked back since. 

Let’s talk Treatment

Now let’s talk treatment. Every body is different, and not everything works for everyone. I have found success with indica-dominant strains. I’ve also utilized CBD-only strains, which are wonderful for pain and spasms. If you’re like me, you like a little THC, so I would suggest grinding up both the CBD-only strain, and your favorite strain that contains THC in your grinder together. The bud tenders at the dispensaries are an invaluable resource- use them! Ask them about strains that help with pain, cramping, and nausea. They can point you to specific terpenes, like myrcene, linalool, and limonene, which all have a variety of properties that help with a variety of symptoms. 
I’m not symptom-free, but my quality of life has improved ten-fold! My symptoms are managed and my life is in control. I give a lot of credit to cannabis. I hope that I’ve been of some help to you, and that you find relief and peace. 

Get Connected: Be Vulnerable


The Internet is connecting people everywhere every day. Why do we want to connect? To feel community, to not feel alone in our thoughts. One of my favorite aspects of cannabis is its ability to connect people. Combining cannabis and the Internet has been refreshing and exciting! Learning about branding has shown me how much fakeness is out there. These are some reasons to be authentic and vulnerable on social media.

Genuine Connections

Honesty is the best policy, you’ve heard it before! People do not want to interact with fake accounts. They want to talk to the source! Create a brand voice that people can connect with. Get comfortable with your products and brands and be honest about them. If you are speaking from a comfortable place then you create a comfortable environment, people will want to join in on the conversation!  

Inspire Others 

Showing your true self will inspire others to be themselves as well. You never know who you will connect with when you’re genuine online. When you put words together they have the energy to move people. You cannot bounce off of each other’s energy if only one of you has the energy. Present your magic every day and you will attract the right people. 

Be Real

Be honest even on social media! This may be curated content, but we, the people, are the ones generating it! Use your passion, curiosity, and experience to produce amazing posts. Sharing your knowledge is caring for the betterment of others. 
There is strength in your vulnerability. How amazing is it to have an online community for everything nowadays? Everyone can express their true colors and support one another. Let’s get real and get connecting today! 

Advice From a Baby Unicorn

Almost everyone I know has a Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. It’s not uncommon to utilize these platforms for personal use every day, multiple times a day. In fact, social media has become such a huge part of our lives that it’s changing the ways in which companies are connecting with their consumers. But what do you do when it’s your job to do the connecting? 
Most of us have utilized social media for personal use, but very few of us have actual experience managing a professional company’s social media page. I’ve been doing this for a long, long time now (a week), and I’ve learned a few lessons that could help you if you’re just getting started in the social media biz. 
  1. Get to know your brands 
When you’re handed a few different companies and asked to start producing content for their social media pages, it can feel a little like getting chucked in the deep end without your floaties. “Where to begin,” I asked my cat. She didn’t know. 
So I started by doing a little digging. I scrolled back as far as I could through their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I googled the company, and read news articles or watched reviews on the product. A sense of continuity is important, and you want to stay as true to your brand’s “voice” as possible. What kind of articles did they share before? What’s the culture like? Who looks at their posts? Answering these questions is the first step toward becoming a social media posting pro.
  1. Ask as many questions as you can think of 
Your team members are there for a reason – use them! If you’re unsure if something will be received in the right way, or if it’s a good fit for the audience you’re trying to reach, ASK SOMEONE. Send it to your supervisor or a friend and see what they think. Getting a fresh perspective is so helpful. If it’s possible, hop on a phone call with the representatives from the company and ask them your questions. Get a feel for what they’re looking for, and keep the lines of communication open. The only stupid question is one that goes unasked, so be honest about the things you’re unsure about. It’s the only way to learn! 
  1. Don’t be afraid to get creative 
Posting the same standby pics of the products packaging or logo can get boring, for you and for users viewing the page. Don’t be afraid to veer off the beaten track and post a funny video or meme, as long as it’s in keeping with the image the brand is trying to convey. If you think a picture or a video might be too weird to post, refer to #2 on this list. Same with captions – don’t be afraid to use an alluring alliteration or quippy pun to get your point across. Social media is about engaging with the real live people on the other end of the screen, so make it conversational. Make it funny. Make it personal. Whatever the situation calls for, a little creativity goes a long way. 
  1. Don’t take anything personally 
It’s hard not to get that pit in your stomach when you’re told something you’ve done needs to be changed, or even taken down completely. Just remember – it’s not personal. You’re representing a brand, and you want to make sure that you represent them accurately. Take the  criticism as constructive feedback, and use it to realign yourself with your brand’s goals and vision. Again, refer to #2. Ask as many questions about what went wrong with the post as you can think of so that you can be sure to not repeat the same mistakes in the future. Thankfully, no one expects you to become a social media master in 7 days, so learn as much as you can and your team will be patient with you. 
  1. Have fun! 
Seriously, your job is to post on social media. There’s a lot that goes into it, but the first thing should be a sense of enjoyment. If you’re stressed or uninterested in what you’re doing, it will come across in your posts. Get your creative juices flowing and approach everything with a smile. Chances are, if something you’re creating makes you laugh, smile, snort, chuckle, etc then it’ll be engaging to the consumer viewing the post as well. Social media is fun! Fun to use personally, and fun to use for business once you’ve started to get the hang of it. 
If you’re just starting out in the social media space, like me, then these five tips can go a long way in helping you get your footing. I’m lucky enough to have a pack of magical unicorns around me, guiding me in the right direction. With some help from your team, and a little ingenuity on your part, you’ll be a pro in no time – that’s what I keep telling myself anyways! 

Becoming a Unicorn

The first month of a new career always brings fear and excitement.

I’m glad to say that here at Social Media Unicorn it has been a lot more excitement than fear. Everyone is great! Not only is my entire team fun to work with, they all have an in-depth knowledge of the cannabis culture and the wants and needs of the community we serve. With that being said, I am starting a weekly blog to inform and educate about the new innovative products, services, and happenings within our community. Stay tuned each week to see what this Unicorn is getting into 😉

Just recently, we had the pleasure of hosting a patient appreciation day for Tahoe Hydro Company with the lovely people over at Medizin. They operate one of the premier dispensaries that cater to Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. Medizin, unlike many other dispensaries, is also involved in cultivation. They have some award winning flowers like Chloe, one of the most medically beneficial strains that is offered in Las Vegas. We had a great time representing Tahoe Hydro Company while we were there. THC is a boutique cultivator out of Carson City, NV, that is sure to fit the needs and wants of any consumer out there. They have award winning strains: Blackjack (S), Gelato 45 (H), Tahoe Hydro OG (I), all winning their respective categories at the 2016 Jack Herer Cup. THC also just entered the preroll game with the introduction of their STIX line, currently offering Tahoe Hydro OG. Needless to say, they know what they are doing over there at Tahoe Hydro Company. We passed out tons of Tahoe swag and educated patients on our products and specials. It was great meeting and creating future Tahoe fans! I loved hearing all the positive feedback regarding our products. Huge thank you to Tanya and the whole crew at Medizin for making my first patient appreciation day a success!  

All in all, these first few weeks have been an adventure and a blessing. I’m so lucky to be surrounded by people who are so passionate about cannabis. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me as a Unicorn. Be sure to tune in next week for my next post and mark your calendars for our upcoming events!

Las Vegas Social Media Day – Fri. 6/30

Follow Tahoe Hydro Company on IG @tahoehydroponics

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