Collaboration Really is Key

Hi all! I’m back and ready for another installment full of encouragement! I notice that when we discuss our journeys, especially our trials and tribulations, we as humans are able to connect and relate to one another on a different level. Vulnerability is difficult. New avenues are difficult. Navigating this world, in general, is definitely difficult. However, it’s evident that when we band together, often through sharing some of these obstacles and moments of weakness, we not only recognize similarities between individuals but are also able to understand and relate to one another better.

As a relatively new unicorn and a definite novice when it comes to marketing, I have encountered my fair share of obstacles within the past month trying to navigate my new career path. With anything new, there will more likely than not be a learning curve. I definitely hit a learning curve about two weeks ago.

Everything was moving along just fine; I was starting to get the hang of what social media managing entailed and finding a rhythm in my work. We decided to do something amazing and make an extension of our convenient, educational, and resourceful “The Weekend Box” into a CBD line! (Check it out, its my baby!) Amazing stuff right?! Well, with this came a great new responsibility for me: building a brand from the ground up.

Enter: roadblock. I hadn’t felt this overwhelmed and defeated since college! I knew the content that I was producing was mediocre, but I genuinely felt as if though I had no clue how to make it better. I gathered with my fellow unicorns and expressed my frustration. I voiced how I felt like I was failing and that I didn’t know what to do.

“Pump. The. Breaks.” Our great and fearless leader, Krista Whitley, said to me, “Let’s brainstorm.”

Literally, within 10 minutes I had a game plan, deleted my old content, had a week’s worth of content and ideas panned out, a vision, and most importantly: my confidence renewed. All it took was asking for some help, and within moments my supportive team, who know that through bouncing ideas off of one another and gathering other perspectives will lead to success, brought me back up. Surrounding yourself with people who believe in you is so crucial; they will inspire you and help direct you when you are lost. Always remember, when all else fails… collaboration is key.

Have you had moments where you felt stuck? Did you find that collaborating with others helped solve some of those issues? Leave me some of your thoughts in the comments!

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    • Mina Ciepiela
      Mina Ciepiela says:

      Hi! Thanks for your feedback! I’m not sure what you’re referring to with duplicate content? This is my first post like this. Would love to chat more, thanks. 🙂


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