Confessions of a Doobie Sister

Before I became a unicorn, I dabbled briefly in the music industry. I was one half of the female rap duo, “The Doobie Sisters”. I can’t believe I’m even divulging this embarrassing information about myself, but here I am… typing away!

The entire concept of “The Doobie Sisters” started out as a playful exchange on Twitter between myself and MaryJane (Yes, that’s her actual name), a friend from college. I had always carried around a notebook full of random thoughts and poetry, but never had I thought of putting my words to music. Our musical partnership formed organically and next thing I knew, we were downloading beats (horrible ones, might I add), and writing to them.

I was so enamored with this new hobby. I found myself writing 2-3 songs per day. This formula of me writing the shell (A shell is the outline of the song), and MaryJane adding her verse eventually led to us recording and releasing our first and only mixtape and music video. Looking back on it, I find it funny that we titled our mixtape The Grand Live “Vol. 1”, we must’ve really thought we’d be in it for the long haul. Little did we know we’d be one and done.

I’ll admit that it took almost a year for us to complete and release the mixtape. We met amazingly talented people and even recorded in a professional studio. My time as a “Doobie Sister” was short lived, but it was a beautiful learning experience that I’ll always cherish.



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