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!cid_70ee5e4c931584e140b132e0bc6f44e0Clients are looking for Influence Marketing Tips and I give them a few that I know are universal for building a team of influencers Have a goal in mind The most common mistake of all businesses, especially those seeking influence marketing tips is the focus on tools and tricks rather than solid business goals. The value of working with influencers is immense as measured by return on investment. However, we see many missed opportunities because they are trying to do many things that look like in your marketing rather than define a specific goal to get started. Whether you are looking for brand recognition, market buzz, leads or bottom line profits, an influence marketing program can help. Pick one thing you need, and can measure. Then build a program for that. Quality is better than quantity Most of us were raised in a time when the 20th-century paradigm of “More is better” and that the person with the biggest mass in mass media could win over someone with less budget and less connections Today, quality is much more important. You can find one person, one connection that leads to new leads new sales and profit, you can hear that and make a permanent difference in your business If you can connect with one good influencer and get results, we know that there are thousands more available and you can repeat the process. With the technology we have today you can have a personal relationship with influencers that have a small quality of following but a quality of giving you an increase market share in there and little niche. Multiply this by many relationships and you soon have extremely fast growth with extremely good return on investment Focus on attracting influencers not pushing out product information The paradigm of mass marketing taught us to create a message that we thought a consumer would like to hear and then push it through whatever channel we could. Today tools allow us to tailor that message to the person that is listening… Or better yet, listen to the needs of that one person and tailor content for them Influencers you work with are often producing content on their own. Help them provide value to their audience, support them and encourage them to create more content. It’s okay that would want that to be favorable to your company, but my best influence marketing tip would be to sponsor content by an influencer, regardless of subject and you become known as the company that cares, the brand of choice for that influencer. It’s natural for the audience of your influence to connect and share your brand with each other Proper influence marketing is central to business success today. Treating all customers, especially influencers as partners and addressing their needs can make for more profitable relationships in today’s market.
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