Krista’s Weedsday Playlist

Krista Whitley, aka The Head Unicorn in Charge sat down with our friends over at to share some of her “Weedsday” playlist. These are songs that are great for a smoke session.

What to Expect

Krista wants you to know that there’s a little bit of something for everyone to listen to. “Music is a must for my team and I,” she says. “My music taste ranges from classic James Taylor to the Hollywood Undead and everything in between.” 

This playlist pairs perfectly with the Weekend Box!! If you’re unfamiliar with the Weekend Box, it’s a carefully curated box filled with high-grade marijuana products. This magical box is available NOW for purchase in Nevada and California!!

Each box includes the following goodies:

– 1/8 of Desert Grown Farms OG Story
– a full Moxie cartridge
– Manna Molecular Science patch
– Caviar Gold OG CaviCone pre roll
– Dixie Awakening Mints
– The CannaVative Group Gummiez
– HOPE Tincture
– Incredibles Mint Chocolate Bar


Add The Playlist

The cleverly titled “Weedsday” playlist can be found in it’s entirety here!

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