National Unicorn Day

Who doesn’t love a unicorn?! Unicorns are integral parts in legends and fairy tales, and serve as a symbol for purity and magic. April 9th is National Unicorn Day. Although there is little history about why the glitziest day of the year falls when it does, the website, suggests it was selected based on how many references there were to “National Unicorn Day” on that day across various social media platforms. Either way, we at Social Media Unicorn carry a fondness for those mystical beauties and have put together some of our favorite unicorn things to celebrate this day!

How to Celebrate National Unicorn Day


If you ever find yourself at our Social Media Unicorn Headquarters, then you’ll notice the many unicorn accessories decorating our office. In fact, it be hard pressed not to find a unicorn in any room that you enter.



National Unicorn Day is the perfect day to pull out your favorite unicorn apparel and glitter! Based on your commitment to the day, you can unicorn yourself from head to toe. Here are a few amazing unicorn style ideas to help you sparkle and shine today.



Any good celebration will be accompanied by food; and today is no different. The only difference is you must have unicorn food to celebrate properly! Unicorn food is usually a colorful rendition of classic meals and treats. Which one of these unicorn remixed dishes would you like to try?


Hopefully, you’ve got some great ideas on how to partake in National Unicorn Day. Be sure to spread the news to your friends and magically bask in the day of the unicorn.