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This is a story about teamwork. I just finished working on an oil project in northern Alberta. In the last week of work I moved 10 million dollars in equipment.  Now the equipment wasn’t big, It wasn’t heavy, but the internals in it were so delicate that every move was preplanned. Every member of the crew had their place throughout the job of moving and installing this equipment, from calling the lift with the crane operator, to holding the tagline so the equipment is controlled and doesn’t slam into anything.  We did critical lift meetings prior to moving the equipment each day, even if all we were doing was moving it from the shipping crate to a holding area for the team from Norway to make sure everything was working properly.  The job was completed without a hitch.  The team came together, no one was hurt, the equipment was installed and we all walked away knowing we did a job well done.
Fast forward to today and I may not be moving millions of dollars of equipment, however I am doing something just as important. Working with the Social Media Unicorn team, we need to plan, we need to work together and we need to have our own “Critical Lift” meetings.  Every client that we cater to expects exceptional work to be delivered.  We want to shine.  How do we do that? By working together. By treating every client and every task like you are moving a million dollars, which if it slips it could get damaged. When working as a team, no task is too menial. Every member of Social Media Unicorn has their tasks to perform and by working together and helping one another we can succeed and deliver the premier experience that is expected from our clients.  
The most important thing that I can teach is to take each day as a fresh start.  Go through that meeting, talk to whoever you need to on the team. Each team member is unique. Find out who will be the best asset each day to help you achieve your goals. Find out if anyone could use help in achieving their goals. Only with teamwork will we be able to succeed and thrive.
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