Social Media Marketing Tips

Social media marketing changes daily. It is not uncommon for a platform to create a new tool that didn’t exist at 10AM and gains ground less than 24 hours later. Staying on top of social media marketing trends can be all consuming, but here are some simple tips to make your social media life easier.
Start with your why
If you can’t answer why for everything stop. It is better to do nothing that to take a shotgun approaching to throwing content on the wall. Understand why your brand is a fit for a particular social channel. Understand what content your fans on that social channel will expect.
Know who you are
Every brand should understand their brand archetype and brand voice before starting social media marketing. Authenticity is demanded on social media channels, so having this clarity before you start will just make your life even easier.
Use analytics 
Each social media channel offers some basic level of analytical data to track your growth. There are also hundreds of tools- some free or less than $10 per month- to analyze your social media campaign success and failures. Use them. Don’t just collect reports; read them, translate them, and turn them into action to improve your social media marketing campaigns.


Be consistent
Effective social media marketing is a commitment. You need to post at least once daily and refine the timing of your posts based on the engagement that you receive.


Build an Army 
The goal of effective social media marketing is to connect with your customers and then to build a relationship on your common shared values, eventually activating them to take action. Don’t become the social media version of the guy on the street corner spinning the sign again and again. No one wants to be sold to or talked at. Engage in conversations and get to know your fans. This is how you will build an army of raving fans.


Get Visual
Everything you post should be done with a photo, video, or- even better- a Facebook live stream- to share what is happening right now in your business. Share your team, your product, and your enthusiasm for what you do as often as possible. Doing this consistently will build brand familiarity and trust, so that when a new customer comes in, they feel like they already know you and know what to expect.


Not every business needs a social media strategist, but every business needs a social media manager to manage content and create campaigns. A full-time social media manager can make magic happen for your brand and will be worth every penny.