Social Media Unicorn Social Media Services

IMG_4078This last weekend as I was judging a pitch contest for startups at SXSW in Austin, Texas, it hit me just how unique Social Media Unicorn and our social media services are. As a concierge social media services agency we don’t just handle the creation of award-winning photo and video content or the management of engaging social media communities for brands. “What you do is so much more than just social media,” one of our luxury brand clients raved to us just the other day. Every member of our team is a social media influencer in their own right, so not only do we understand each social media channel and the audience, but we understand how the influencers within the restaurant, cannabis, and luxury industries want to interact with brands.
IMG_4095Our social media services, regardless of budget, is a concierge social media experience that leaves the audience feeling connected on a deeper level to the brand. From small businesses serving a regional area to huge household brand names, we are the secret weapon team behind explosive audience growth, knock your socks off engagement, and bottom line results that deliver. As award-winning fast growth entrepreneurs ourselves, we know that the measurable results- the butts in seats, the increase in sales, the additional units shipped- all matter to you as a business leader when you’re considering a social media team. Our 24/7, 365 always on social media management and monitoring developed because we believe, much like you do, that your 3AM client matters just as much as your 3PM client. Our social media team laughs at office hours and there is always someone from our social media team available to you.
IMG_4124The success of Social Media Unicorn’s social media services is your success. As a boutique agency exclusively serving fast growth restaurants, cannabis, and luxury brands, we align ourselves with your team. Our past and current clients are our raving fans because we believe in them just as much as they believe in us. When you’re ready for a concierge social media experience that delivers bottom line growth give us a call to see if we might be a fit to add some magic to your brand.