Do Correct Spelling & Grammar Matter in Cannabis Marketing?

Lots of younger people may wonder just how important spelling and grammar are in the “real world.” The answer is VERY!

In the cannabis industry, this matters even more. Since we are battling against nearly a century of stigma, how we present new cannabis brands to the public matters.

Are you a cannabis entrepreneur looking to put yourself and your company into the spotlight? Here are a couple of reasons to brush up on your English grammar, or at least, try to be a little more conscious of all the good (and bad) copywriting that is around you! 

You’ll Seem Smarter

Using proper grammar can be positively conspicuous. You never know who is a stickler for proper syntax, or which big decision maker at a company was actually an English major in college.

Though you don’t need a degree to be a successful cannabis business owner, good speaking and writing skills can help. The type of people you’ll hit it off with by being a great speaker are the ideal types of acquaintances for an entrepreneur to have. 

Your Social Media Game Will Pop

The more you learn about the English language, the more awesome and creative things you can come up with to say. In the modern era of social media, that’s an incredibly important skill for a Unicorn to have! 

Brands – whether they are companies or personal brands – that do well on social media, tend to do well because they combine the right words with the best and most representative images. Plus, they know how to write a post that reads nicely, without confusing typos. Learn the basics of copywriting and you, too can sparkle on social.

You’ll Gain Opportunities

No matter your line of business, at some point you’ll find yourself having to pitch your product or services to someone else. It might be the media, or a new prospective business partner. Either way, that pitch had better be spotless if you want to put yourself and your brand in the best possible light! 

So, how exactly does one improve his or her spelling skills? That’s a great question. It seems hard to do, but we have a few specific suggestions. First, read more frequently; it doesn’t matter if it’s Lean InGone Girl or The New York Times. Second, find a friend or colleague with good writing skills, and shoot them texts.

Even better? Hire a cannabis marketing agency that can handle your specific needs with appropriate style and flair. 

The truth is, without a great communicator behind your brand’s most important materials, your company will never reach its full potential. However, we’re always here to help. Reach out to Social Media Unicorn to put our team of cannabis industry marketing and copywriting specialists to work.