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The State of The Nevada Cannabis Industry

The state of the Nevada cannabis industry is unique compared to all other cannabis markets in the United States today. As we head into the precipice of recreational adult use marijuana in the state of Nevada there are many fears that the sense of community we enjoy will fade into a thing of the past. Something that old timers will sit around and wax poetic about, sharing stories with all the young tokers around us. No matter your thoughts on where the Nevada cannabis industry is headed, the one thing that most will agree on is that Nevada has one of the most highly regulated cannabis markets in the United States. These regulations protect us from products that can harm consumers and keep non consuming cannabis consumers safe from inadvertently consuming an infused brownie.

Dispensaries: Thanks to Nevada’s liberal reciprocity program with every state in the union, anyone with a medical card or doctor’s recommendation is able to make a purchase at a medical marijuana dispensary in the state of Nevada. With just 55 dispensaries in the entire state, a mere 10 of which are in Northern Nevada, these dispensaries represent what Nevada has always been known for: unique experiences. When you come to Las Vegas you come seeking a unique experience. You want to be swept away in a manufactured Italy at the Palazzo or a cleaner version of NYC over at New York New York. The dispensaries in Nevada are no different. There are boutique dispensaries offering a relaxed buying experience like Sahara Wellness, where I often lovingly compare it to buying weed from your grandma. Over at Reef Dispensaries it is a well run corporate operation whose retail experiences resembles the Apple store empire. At the Las Vegas strip’s only dispensary (so far), Essence, they offer a professional, clean experience with a wide range of Nevada’s finest products. No matter the experience that you seek, Nevada’s dispensary have you covered.

Production: The shelves of Nevada’s dispensaries are notably bare when compared to more mature markets, but this is changing at a rapid pace. Established cannabis brands Dixie, Incredibles, Moxie, Caviar Gold, Manna Molecular Science, and many others are partnering with savvy production operations in the state of Nevada to bring more diverse products to Nevada cannabis consumers. Newer brands like Cannabiotix and Evergreen Organics are creating quality products that have cannabis consumers coming back for more. From Pure O&M’s pure distillate to Silver State Wellness’ food quality laboratory, Nevada is attracting some of the top post production talent in the cannabis industry. For investors it is in the production space where the vast majority of opportunity exists. A savvy investor can bring a concept and funding to these talented chemists, who can then take your dream from idea to reality. For organizations like ours we handle the branding, packaging, marketing, public relations, promotion, and sales and service of the product to make it easy for investors to kick back and collect checks. Securing the right production partner can be time intensive, but it well worth the time to ensure a long and mutually beneficial business relationship.

Cultivation: Just a few years ago every cannabis investor in Nevada was sure that they had the best cultivator. Given that this was a largely unproven black market, it was only a matter of time before the true talent rose to the top. Cultivating fire product with a dozen plants in your basement didn’t mean cultivators knew how to efficiently run a commercial operation, which has become evident in the swift turn over for cultivation operations who never made it to market or were put up for sale shortly after their debut crop made it to the dispensaries. For brands who have focused on cultivating the best product, they have reaped swift rewards. Tahoe Hydroponics, a boutique cultivation based in Carson City on the shores of Lake Tahoe, swept the November 2016 Jack Herer Cup in all three categories of flower. Cannabiotix and Matrix have been earning top shelf accolades by dispensaries and consumers throughout the Nevada market thanks to their dedication to quality products in appealing packaging.

Delivery: For a long while in the industry you had two options for delivery: creating your own delivery process or hiring Blackbird Go. The Cannabis In Vegas marketplace has transformed the landscape by creating a cannabis marketplace where you can easily purchase a bong, premium flower, and tasty infused edibles on one platform. Think of it as the Amazon of marijuana, all with free delivery options to all areas of Las Vegas. It’s the one stop shopping that you need to simplify your cannabis experience in Las Vegas.

Ancillary: Las Vegas is an ideal gateway for all things cannabis culture, with talent in the community from a wide range of states and countries contributing to the diversity of products and experiences available. From the Travel Joint, Las Vegas’ marijuana friendly Air BNB to Cloud Wars, a cutting edge glass blowing company doing big things for cannabis consumers in Las Vegas and around the world. Thanks to the huge hospitality and alcohol markets in Las Vegas there is an abundance of talent who understand customer service.

Today the Nevada cannabis market’s outlook is one of the best in the industry, with opportunity at every level. Don’t hesitate to reach out to any of our unicorns on the Social Media Unicorn team to discover more about how you can get involved in the Nevada cannabis community. Give us a call at 702-812-6555 or email .

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