Social Media Unicorn’s Top 5 Can’t Miss Cannabis Industry Parties


Social Media Unicorn’s Top 5 Can’t Miss Cannabis Industry Parties

It’s a big week in the Las Vegas cannabis industry – with both ArcView *and* Marijuana Business Daily Conferences there is a slew of wonderful weed-filled events! Here are our Top-5-Can’t-Miss-Parties if you’re looking to connect with cannabis industry hot-shots from far and wide!


  • C-LAB Las Vegas Chapter Launch Party (11.14.17 @ 6 p.m.)

You can’t find a cooler party in Las Vegas than one at Wayne Newton’s house! The official launch of C-LAB’s Las Vegas chapter will be at Wayne Newton’s Casa De Shenandoah, hosted by The ArcView Group, NewFrontier, and C-LAB themselves. This over-the-top party is also backed by powerhouse sponsors like The Weekend Box, Electrum Partners and Caviar Gold so you know it’ll be a fun time!


  • DOPE Magazine Golden Ticket Party (11.16.17 @ 8 p.m.)

DOPE Magazine’s party is known as one of the industry’s most coveted VIP after-parties, and this year’s is no different. The Golden Ticket Party will be held at The Venue in Downtown Las Vegas – party-goers can expect to connect with elite industry pros and many other marijuana-movers-and-shakers.


  • Marijuana Business Daily Shanghai Nights After Party (11.16.17 @ 7 p.m.)

There will be no great walls in sight at the Shanghai Nights After Party. Marijuana Business Daily and Sensi Magazine are partnering up to host the official MJBizCon after party. Being held at the new premier Las Vegas event space, Enclave, you can expect a truly one-of-a-kind experience.


  • Budtender Fight Club: Cannabis Education (11.19.17 @ 1 p.m.)

Contrary to popular belief, we *want* you to talk about this Fight Club! Budtender Fight Club allows you to upgrade your budtender skills with this specially-curated cannabis education course. Dive into the basics on how to be a cannabis connoisseur, and you’ll even receive a certificate upon completion!


  • Healthy Honeys Women, Weed, and Wellness Party (11.16.17 @ 5 p.m.)

Let Healthy Honeys pamper you with a well deserved break from the conference. Their CBD products combine with scrubs and massages for a unique mini-spa treatment. Treat yourself to Healthy Honeys new CBD line specifically designed for women.


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