Throughout literature unicorns appear to those who are in need of help. From a mystic land, they give the magic of hope. A social media unicorn has the versatility that cannabis brands require to get results. Social Media Unicorn is a cannabis brand exclusive full service marketing & sales agency that creates effective consumer experiences to drive bottom line sales.

Our approach is entirely customized and encompasses all aspects of branding, public relations, influence marketing, celebrity appearances, digital marketing, social media, and sales and service, with our team serving as your in-house marketing concierge. From creating and producing video to crafting entire campaigns in order to grow revenue, there is no limit to our creativity. Serving cannabis brands throughout the United States and in Canada, we have unicorns on the ground in Las Vegas, Denver, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Phoenix. We know our markets and we know how to get results.

We just became Silver Founding Agency Partners with Sprout Social