Restaurant Social Media Unicorn

Krista Whitley literally wrote the book on restaurant social media. Published in Spring 2016 by Morgan James in NYC, Restaurant Social Media: Be Known and Make Money is considered the restaurant industry’s standard for effective restaurant social media strategy. Taking you chapter by chapter through each social media platform and offering an outline for how to maximize each to grow your restaurant, Krista is considered by many to be the leading restaurant social media expert.

Twitter Revolution

NO RULES The revolution is underway. The power of social media lies with the people who use tools like You decide how to use your power. Our goal is not to create rules to follow on Twitter. We simply want to give you the best tips, resources and strategies to guide your success on Twitter at an accelerated pace. Our mission is to help you avoid trial and error as early adopters were forced to endure, and help you participate in one of the greatest communication revolution of our time. This book was designed to help show everyone from the small business owner to the CEO of a large corporation; from work at home moms to politicians in Washington, DC how they can participate in the fastest growing social network and micro-blogging revolution taking place right now. Join us on Twitter!

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Profitable Social Media

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