Spring Clean Your Social Media Accounts

It’s officially springtime and now is the perfect opportunity to clean out your social media accounts. It’s a good idea to review your social profiles and clean out those digital cobwebs. Over time, your bio details will become outdated, privacy settings will have been changed without your consent, and your overall use and goals for a particular platform may have shifted. Every now and then, it’s nice to change up or polish your social media—especially if they’re public accounts you use to promote your blog or business.

First Things First

  • Update your Social Media Passwords; it is smart to update your passwords periodically. Make sure there’s a database or secure location that will store your passwords.


  • Delete photos and updates that no longer represent you (page/brand).
  • Make sure all your website links on the home page/near the top are working properly.
  • Pages – check your admins and permissions to make sure it’s what you want.
  • Personal – check your privacy settings.
  • Check messages and requests you may have missed and delete any spam or clutter.


  • Converting to a branded or curated account? Delete personal photos that don’t contribute to your vision.
  • If your grid is looking cluttered and you want something clean, delete the photos disrupting your style. If deleting pictures is too overwhelming, you can archive the post and bring it back later if need be. 
  • Don’t overthink it! If you agonize over the feed, you won’t leave room for experimenting or taking risks, and it might hinder your creativity. Still, keep the overall look in mind.
  • Visit your followers and see if you missed anyone you’d like to follow back and connect with.
  • Visit those you follow – make sure they align with your brand, if they don’t it’s time to unfollow those accounts.
  • Check your DM folder – the message requests are easy to miss.


  • Scroll through your follow + follow you lists, like before.
  • Check your messages and favorites to follow up on anything you wanted to save.
  • If you’re pushing content from Facebook or Instagram directly to twitter, make sure you have content. that breaks it up. Otherwise, there’s no point in having this social media channel.
  • Prepare some content in advance to make your profile more robust.


  • Update your bio!
  • Update the email + recovery info associated with your account.
  • If branding, choose similar photos for each profile.
  • Make sure all links are valid.
  • Change passwords if it’s been awhile!
  • Delete any pages or accounts you know you will never use again

This might seem like a lot of work, but decluttering your social media will give your accounts a refreshing look! 

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