The Power of The Unicorn

From a mystical land, unicorns have appeared in literature as symbols of hope and magic. 

That’s the spirit we place in all aspects of our work here at Social Media Unicorn. From creating and producing video to crafting campaigns to grow revenue, our team works with cannabis and luxury brands offering a magical suite of creative marketing, sales, and public relations services.

Our team of unicorns are united by three core values that help cannabis brands achieve their goals.

Read on to learn what makes our team at Social Media Unicorn so unique! 


Spirit of Service

Let’s face it, as the emerging legal cannabis space rapidly expands across the country, there are roadblocks that can often stand in the way of getting your cannabusinesss noticed. We lead with positivity and optimism. In the toughest circumstances we start with a smile and determination, knowing that we have an entire team supporting us. Not only that, we have established relationships with reps from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. There is no limit to our creativity. Serving cannabis brands throughout the United States and in Canada.

Attitude Is Everything


Attitude is something you can’t teach people. 24/7, 365 our team has a heart for serving others. We have unicorns on the ground in Las Vegas, Denver, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Phoenix. We know our markets and we know how to get results.   

Entrepreneurial Spirit


Rather than challenges, here at Social Media Unicorn, we see opportunities for ourselves and our clients. We are entrepreneurs at heart, creatively problem solving and exploiting opportunities in under served markets. Social Media Unicorn offers full concierge celebrity dispensary appearance services. We have helped recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries from Spokane, Washington to Las Vegas, Nevada achieve front page news exposure with a variety of cannabis celebrity appearances.

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