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Happy Birthday to Our Magical CEO!

37 was an epic year for me. I had opportunities bigger than the dreams I dreamed growing up. I grew as a leader in ways I didn’t know I had the capacity for. I expanded my heart with more empathy and kindness than I thought I had. I laughed more, listened deeper, and experienced more […]

A Message From Krista

Hi Unicorns,Go where you are celebrated. I used to spend all my time trying to prove the folks wrong who criticize me, thinking it would make me better. Constructive criticism and feedback come from a place of love and authentic celebration of who you are. That’s why it’s important to get in where you fit […]

Children and Cannabis

Children and cannabis don’t seem like an ideal pairing for many folks. I appreciate why. When individuals under the age of 25 consume cannabis it can affect memory and brain development, so just the very topic of children and cannabis can be a conflict. As a mother and cannabis entrepreneur, I have been transparent with […]

CANNABIS SALES 101: Give before you get

Cannabis sales isn’t any different from selling any product to any consumer, but the cannabis community is too familiar with opportunistic sales representatives who don’t appreciate the basic concept of giving before you get. Under no circumstances should you EVER sell someone something on the first communication. EVER. Not in an email, not in a […]

How To Talk To Anti-Cannabis Believers

One of the most challenging aspects to cannabis advocacy can be how to talk to anti-cannabis believers. Every cannabis advocate has their own story of how they came to believe that cannabis was a powerful medication for wellness. I didn’t try cannabis until I was 30 years old, after having had my two daughters and […]

Nevada Cannabis Event Basics

Nevada cannabis event basics are important for all cannabis brands to be aware of. Nevada is arguably the most regulated cannabis market in the world, so common practices that have worked in other markets will get you on the wrong side of compliance here. For example: the common practice of “seshing” that happens in California, […]

Cannabis In Vegas Delivery Direct To You

Cannabis In Vegas delivery direct to you is the Amazon of marijuana. It doesn’t matter what dispensary or brand you prefer, Cannabis In Vegas offers discreet delivery or pick up directly from Nevada’s best dispensaries to you. The concept for Cannabis In Vegas came from the talented GreenRush team and our very own team, who […]

Every Cannabis CEO Needs to Know THIS About Social Media

Every cannabis CEO needs to know THIS about social media: it isn’t about social media. Apple Marketing Genius Guy Kawasaki said, “Today, social media is near the top of what determines your success or failure, whether you’re promoting a business, a product, or yourself.”I remember back in 2006 when I opened my first business I […]