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The Best Cannabis Documentaries On Netflix Right Now

In the past, documentaries were those things you may see broadcasted on PBS or in an obscure ‘artsy’ local theater. Even then, a cannabis documentary likely wouldn’t have made it very far. With the advent of platforms like Netflix, we now have access to media that we traditionally would not be exposed to. Netflix has done an excellent job of offering a selection of powerful documentaries on a variety of topics, but in our case we are going to explore some of the documentaries that hit on a fiery topic – cannabis.

The Culture High

This cannabis documentary is a sequel to the award winning “The Union: The Business Behind Getting High” which was released back in 2007. This newer documentary, released in 2014, has an updated take on the war on marijuana in the USA and what is has cost us. Following the war on marijuana begins on the frontline with the DEA, other enforcement agencies, and the prison system under scrutiny. Following up the chain of government, the true cost of marijuana prohibition and what is has cost us, both fiscally and socially, are examined. Several marijuana activists, including Snoop Dogg and Berner, speak candidly along with many prominent scientists, enforcement officers, and policy makers. A well done film, you will appreciate this take on the current culture of cannabis in our country. Watch the trailer here.

Super High Me

Our favorite comedian stoner, Doug Benson, takes us on a before and after adventure into the lifestyle of a frequent marijuana user akin to the documentary Super Size Me. Basically, Benson spends one month completely free of cannabis in preparation for his time as a frequent user. His next 30 days is spent consuming large amounts of cannabis and we are taken on a journey with him to various doctors appointments and tests to determine the effects that cannabis has on his body. As hilarious as this canabis documentary is, it addresses many stigmas about the effects of cannabis consumption on not only the human body but the human lifestyle. Watch the trailer here.

Inside: Medical Marijuana

This documentary, released in 2011 by the folks at National Geographic, focuses on medical marijuana as a business and how this industry is finding legitimacy not only in the USA, but in other countries as well. With a focus on the medicinal benefits along with an examination of the economics of this industry, this cannabis documentary tackles how this industry has begun to take shape and gain ground amidst a number of political and cultural obstacles. Follow ganjapreneurs on their quest for an economically viable business while navigating the waters of legality, ethics, and social stigmas. No trailer for your viewing pleasure, but there are some tidbits located here.

While Netflix has a host of fictional cannabis stories to tell, it’s important that these documentaries also make it into your binge rotation. Productions like these help spread news and education to those seeking to understand the current climate of cannabis not only in America, but in the rest of the world as well. Check these titles out and be sure to write a review!

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