3…2…1…ICYMI: How to Build Rocket ships

When Krista Whitley first took on the Las Vegas Chapter of Women Grow she had her work cut out for her.  However, if you have been around Krista you know there’s no problem too big for her to solve. Passionate about re-igniting a flame in Las Vegas, her mission as a Market Leader was to build a thriving community. Fast forward a year; here we are with Altitude Products very own CEO, Krista, speaking at the Woman Grow 2018 Leadership Summit. Krista and her Unicorns are now on a rocket ship gaining more and more altitude. Check out a recap of Krista’s Speech and learn how to build a rocket ship with her three secrets below.

Secret #1:


Far too often businesses tend to think that for their business to win or do well, others have to lose or fail. However, this ideology is not followed by Krista and her Unicorns.  They are all about collaboration. “Figure out a way to create win/win business arrangements and the greatest win will be the distance your rocket ship can travel.” -Krista Whitley

Secret #2:


Building a successful win/win business is tough, and it is not for everyone. The life of an entrepreneur can be extremely difficult. However, with tenacity and relentless ambition, you can build your own rocket ship. When looking from the outside in, we tend to only see the fruits of someone else’s labor.  Success is generally like an iceberg. “It took hours of meetings to find my “me”. A million things went wrong along the way and a million more went right, but I was tireless in my determination to make it happen.” -Krista Whitley

Secret #3:


You have to be an activist first. If your “why” is not strong enough to keep your rocket going, you are only on your way to catastrophe. Now, no one is an island. We all need people, but you want like minded people. People who will put in the hours, and stand up for what they believe in. That’s the kind of crew you need. “All ages, ethnic backgrounds, genders, sexual preferences, and military veterans are well represented on our crew. The one thing we share is a burning passion for normalizing cannabis consumption. We believe in the power of the plant with every fiber of our being” -Krista Whitley

Trust in Krista’s three secrets; sooner or later, you will find yourself somewhere on a launch pad ready to take off too.

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